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I wish I saw this in time to vote for her! Good to see Videogum pull together for a good cause.
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April 20, 2011 on Videogum Everywhere Mission: Eileen F For New York Yankees Bat Girl
It's a shame that Charlaine Harris wrote a book depicting Jason and Crystal's relationship and that Alan Ball created a show from those books and had Jason and Crystal have a relationship. That's such a shame.
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August 17, 2010 on True Blood S03E09: All The Vampire News That’s Fit To Werewolves
Hate on M Night all you want, but Diab is still A-OK in my book. Yeah, Jennifer's Body sucked hard, but Season 2 of United States of Tara has redeemed her.
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July 14, 2010 on So Just To Clarify: “From The Mind Of” Means “Garbage”, Right?
Book rocked. Movie sucked.
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July 31, 2009 on Accio Your Opinions!
Taken was surprisingly badass!
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July 31, 2009 on Liam Neeson Is The New Harrison Ford
oh yeah...shouldve included this:,,1068572,00.html
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December 6, 2008 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Smart People
MANOS: HANDS OF FATE. Worst. Ever. Hands. Down.
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December 6, 2008 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Smart People
i actually LOVE when Dee and Dennis are paired together. its HILARIOUS
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November 5, 2008 on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Socialized Laff Care
word yo. Entourage HAS been sucking. All year long it's been a major festival of sucking.
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November 5, 2008 on Sorry, Entourage, But You’re Not Extras
hahahahah the T-Mobile thing was hysterical
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September 16, 2008 on SNL: Just The Funny Parts
hahaha yeah this is stupid. giving blood is extremely important though, no doubt, but the Saw franchise is so beat.
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September 16, 2008 on Tobin Bell Claims The Saw Movies Have Saved Over 235,000 Lives
Are you fucking HIGH????? Seth is definitely cocky and way full of himself, but FAMILY GUY IS THE SHIT. It's like Russell Crowe, he's an asshole, but Gladiator STILL ROCKS. The contest is lame, but not as lame as pretending that Family Guy sucks.
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September 16, 2008 on Seth MacFarlane Contest As Horrible And Unfunny As Everything Seth MacFarlane Does
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha fucking hilarious.
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September 10, 2008 on Whoops, Some Guys Are Still Mad About Borat
hahahahahahahah yeah its pretty bad. it makes me feel kind of awkward actually
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September 7, 2008 on Let’s Hope Liz Phair Has A Manager