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 0Posted on Jan 14th | re: Purity Ring - "Push Pull" (16 comments)

Is it daring to say that this sounds like some songs from 1989? (Purity Ring -> CHVRCHES -> Taytay Swift?)

 0Posted on Jan 6th | re: MØ - "New Year's Eve" (1 comments)

Looks like Lana del Rey’s early music videos. Decent!

 0Posted on Nov 17th, 2014 | re: Diplo Named His Baby Lazer (10 comments)

 0Posted on Oct 16th, 2014 | re: Parquet Courts - "Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth" (8 comments)

Every band needs its personal Meow the Jewels.

 +3Posted on Oct 7th, 2014 | re: Album Of The Week: Tinashe Aquarius (97 comments)

I second the Pharmakon getting AOTW (Kindness’ second album could be awesome as well). But do not mix up the release dates of the two Jessies (Ware in TWO weeks) unless you expect Jessie J’s record to be AOTW.

 +1Posted on Oct 3rd, 2014 | re: Stream Caribou Our Love (7 comments)

Well, the next week is stacked with lots of highly anticipated albums. I’m wondering whose record is going to be the next Album of the Week. Caribou already got a Q&A, FlyLo got a Q&A as well AND was mentioned in the Premature Evaluation feature (which almost automatically means that it won’t be featured in another AOTW article). Zola Jesus maybe?

 0Posted on Sep 25th, 2014 | re: Weezer - "The British Are Coming" (38 comments)

Can we get a Weezer Albums from Worst to Best in a few weeks?

 0Posted on Sep 19th, 2014 | re: Sun Kil Moon: "The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick" (67 comments)

So what’s our next celebrity deathmatch? Swans/Michael Gira vs. Perfume Genius? FKA twigs vs. St. Vincent?

 -1Posted on Sep 19th, 2014 | re: Sun Kil Moon: "The War On Drugs Can Suck My Fucking Dick" (67 comments)

Who would’ve known? Two artists/bands/whatever who have delivered critically acclaimed albums this year are having beef. And I’m not talking about some indie BBQ…

 +1Posted on Sep 1st, 2014 | re: Riff Raff To Sam Smith: "Your Face Is Super Huge" (50 comments)

RiFF RaFF has the probably most teutonic and sneer-generating male first name you will ever find in Germany: Horst.