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There's no way this show doesn't end with Walt all alone in a dark room smoking the ricin cigarette.
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September 3, 2013 on Breaking Bad S05E12: Going Over Some Options
Gabe, who do you think you are? I AM! Good luck, and thanks.
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August 2, 2013 on This Is Just A Goodbye Post
I agree that The Sopranos is the #1 show of all time.
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June 3, 2013 on It’s Official: The Sopranos Is The Best Show Of All Time
Gabe, get in the fucking house and recap.
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October 15, 2012 on The Walking Dead S03E01: Open Thread
Also, if you become a zombie no matter what, it really puts into question if it's even worth living anymore. Even if you survive for a billion years and die of old age in your sleep, you're gonna be a zombie who wants brains. F that. Carl, shoot me in the head.
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March 13, 2012 on The Walking Dead S02E12: Two Shanes Enter, One Shane BRAINS!
Well, I'm convinced. It was bongos kid at 1:17 that really got me.
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March 8, 2012 on This Is Just A Good Song About Rick Santorum
I would click on the link, but it would take me an entire season to do so.
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March 2, 2012 on Oh No! A Walking Dead Spoiler!
"I know why we have Leap Year, because I'm friends with the dude who invented the months." - Mark Wahlberg
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February 29, 2012 on That’s Your Girlfriend: Girl Who Doesn’t “Get” Leap Days
This episode is a little more enjoyable than most, because there is no Carl, no Sophia's mom, and no beard face. Watch it and pretend that they are dead!
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February 27, 2012 on The Walking Dead S02E10: Two Tickets To The Knife Show
We were never given a proper explanation as to why everyone all of a sudden KNOWS WITHOUT A DOUBT that Shane killed Otis, right? Even though Shane's simple, straighfoward "Otis didn't make it" story is VERY believable?
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February 27, 2012 on The Walking Dead S02E10: Two Tickets To The Knife Show
The audience's "Huh?" reaction was priceless. Slow-claps all around!
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February 23, 2012 on Candidates Describe Themselves In One Word