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 +1Posted on May 3rd, 2011 | re: Stream Gates Of Slumber The Wretch (Stereogum Premiere) (4 comments)

zweibel’s crazy, this is a great album by a great band. Still drinking it in. Are there no defender’s of the faith any more?

 +1Posted on Apr 28th, 2011 | re: Stream Gates Of Slumber The Wretch (Stereogum Premiere) (4 comments)

Very awesome. Wait, no swords and sorcery? I’ll still use my imagination.

 0Posted on Feb 4th, 2011 | re: Burzum - "Vanvidd" (Stereogum Premiere) (13 comments)

3:40 – 4:50ish is why I’m starting to love black metal. It’s that “gasping for air” vocal in black metal that is so cool and scary.

 0Posted on Dec 21st, 2010 | re: Haunting The Chapel's Top 50 Albums Of 2010 (64 comments)

Great list. I’m glad Dawnbringer made it up there. Love that one. I wish Slough Feg was a little higher. Anyways…
I didn’t know about your sad news some months ago, only about your warm sack of sugar (what i call babies) you got just recently. Life is epic. I SHALL RAISE A MIGHTY TOAST!

Best in the new year to you, Jane and Henry.

My spine is tingling! Not a day goes by that doesn’t remind me of a Sough Feg song. These guys are great!

 0Posted on Apr 5th, 2010 | re: Bison B.C. - "Two-Day Booze" (Stereogum Premiere) (2 comments)

This sound great. I feel I’ll be listening to this a lot this summer. Summer metal forever!

 0Posted on Sep 10th, 2009 | re: New Gates Of Slumber - "Blood And Thunder" (Stereogum Premiere) (9 comments)

I love these guys. This sounds great.