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 0Posted on Apr 16th | re: Van Morrison Albums From Worst To Best (46 comments)

I realize these lists are impossible but not putting “Moondance” in the top 5 is criminal.
But then again, I’m moved comment on an arbitrary internet publication list, so there’s that too.

If you’re suppose to play them at the same time, like zaireeka, it’s pretty damn cool

 +1Posted on Mar 2nd | re: Watch Bruce Springsteen Cover Lorde's "Royals" (20 comments)

more of a deity in NJ, I cannot believe every park, highway, and public arena is not somehow named after him or his songs.

 +1Posted on Feb 28th | re: Real Estate - "Behind That Locked Door" (George Harrison Cover) (4 comments)

this is so wonderful.

 +1Posted on Feb 25th | re: Stream Real Estate Atlas (9 comments)

Primitive and Past Lives and Navigator are perfect.

The album is another wonderful treat.

I hope they never listen to people who tell them to change their sound.

 0Posted on Feb 23rd | re: Stream St. Vincent St. Vincent (64 comments)

the moog melody on ‘severed crossed fingers.’ holy shit.

“kerry perry” is so hot.

 +2Posted on Feb 20th | re: Real Estate - "Crime" Guitar Tab Video (2 comments)

so C shapes on one and D shapes on the other. got it.

 0Posted on Feb 12th | re: SOAK - "Blud" Video (Stereogum Premiere) (1 comments)

What is this? King Krule’s kousin?

 +4Posted on Feb 5th | re: St. Vincent - "Prince Johnny" (16 comments)

We’re back with the fast hihats and choir, awesome. Was afraid she was abandoning it all together.