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Incredible piece, Amrit.

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August 9, 2012 on Hate Punk & Kirtan: Musical Overtones In The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Killings

“ACTING!”-Master Thespian

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January 17, 2012 on Andy Serkis Acting His Banana Off

Long pranks are the new long cons. #VivaPrankosaurusRex

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January 12, 2012 on There Can Be Only One Pranklander

We can only hope she develops into the future Mrs. Cool Disguise Gal.

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November 21, 2011 on Chloe Moretz Is A Prankosaurus In Training


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The best part is that Roger Ebert uses a Twitter client called SocialOomph.

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June 21, 2011 on More Twitter News: Roger Ebert Hurt Bam Margera’s Feelings!

Her British accent is even worse than her Russian accent:

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May 3, 2011 on One Day Trailer, You Guys

And by this, I mean this:

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April 8, 2011 on Melancholia Trailer, You Guys

The only thing missing from that trailer is this:

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April 8, 2011 on Melancholia Trailer, You Guys

AMPAS is the group that presides over the Oscars.

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March 1, 2011 on Giving Corey Haim The Oscar “In Memorium” Treatment He Deserved

I guess Ass Dan didn’t die after all!

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February 28, 2011 on More Charlie Sheen? Answering READERS’ QUESTIONS? Yes, Please!

“Wait’ll they get a load of meOW!”

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January 19, 2011 on What Should Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Catch-Phrase Be In The Dark Knight Rises?

Did anyone ever find out if Shock G and Humpty Hump were the same person or not? This movie makes a pretty convincing case that there’s two of ’em!

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October 18, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Nothing But Trouble

My name is So And So!

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October 18, 2010 on Why Single Girls Want To Meet European Men

These masks definitely should’ve been in THE TOWN.

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September 23, 2010 on Check Out Apprentice Mr. Cool Disguise!

This reminds me of the last 40 minutes of CATFISH.

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September 20, 2010 on Dad Ruins Justin Bieber Video Just Like Dad Ruins Everything

Why does the video cut off? WHY?

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June 29, 2010 on The World’s Best G20 Protester

Am I the only one who thinks that Conan’s tweets are painfully unfunny?

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April 9, 2010 on You Guys, We Should Buy More Conan O’Brien

I feel so sorry for Australians that they haven’t figured out how to do streaming porn down there yet. Image gallery porn surfing is so 2000 and late. Dial-up, whut whut?

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February 2, 2010 on This Is Your Banker: Australian Porno Banker

Jesus, this lightness of being sure is unbearable!

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November 5, 2009 on “I Love You, Mr. Star Wars” And Other Famous Movie Quotes