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 +2Posted on Apr 11th | re: The Week In Pop: What Is Ed Sheeran Thinking? (22 comments)

“If this is the sound the whole world can rally behind, maybe we’d be better off retreating to our separate corners and dying in isolation.” wins the internet for me this week. How do I upvote that sentence?

Are we sure this isn’t just a case of miscommunication and that he actually was tortured by using actual red hot chili peppers?

I’ve got SO many great suggestions: that guy from Deafheaven, whatever his name is that sings in Nickelback, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Alvin AND the chi… sorry, I’m getting out of hand here.

Bring back Chavez! NOW DAMMIT!

 +1Posted on Mar 29th | re: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments (21 comments)

I think that michael_ often has interesting contributions to this community but it’s kind of ironic that he can’t let go of something someone posted on the internet, but maybe that’s just me.

 +1Posted on Mar 28th | re: Tori Amos - "Trouble's Lament" (9 comments)

That’s me when it comes to Teenage Fanclub. Just write and record more songs dammit.

Oh, and it also made me want to check out Nai Harvest. Ingenious!

This is one of the best songs ever written IMO and the version from “Songs from Northern Britain” is Perfect. Yeah, that’s with a capital P. This version was okay though it kind of mostly makes me want to listen to the Fannies. So it does what it’s supposed to do, I guess. Great job, Nai Harvest!

 0Posted on Mar 19th | re: Bleeding Rainbow - "Images" Video (Stereogum Premiere) (1 comments)

This song is great so I’ll just add that as a comment here.

 +11Posted on Mar 13th | re: The Week In Pop: It's Time We All Agreed That Coldplay Is Great (181 comments)

Mmmm…. Katy Perry…