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Damn, I love these guys! Glad to see they’re in a healthier place than when they broke up. And the album is genuinely great too! If they come to town I’ll have to see them, though I’ll have to be careful not to get punched. I can’t lose any more teeth.

 +2Posted on Sep 3rd | re: Premature Evaluation: Death From Above 1979 The Physical World (19 comments)

It’s not You’re A Woman, but it’s what I needed right now. Awesome album!

Yeah, it’s a very simple, almost generic, melody. Claiming it to be stolen is ridiculous. I mean, yeah, subconsciously it probably is stolen, but it’s more than likely not influenced by a K-Pop record 99% of Americans probably never heard until now.

I like that Kimbra record, but that video is annoying as hell. It’s an overdose of happy. Furthermore, that shouldn’t have been the single, so many better songs on that album.

By the way, just watched the video, which I suggest Earl do (it’s only four minutes, and I’d love to hear what he’d say afterwards). While I’ll note she doesn’t make as much fun of herself during the twerking or b-boy scenes as she does in the rest of the video, it’s clearly not meant to be taken seriously, especially when you see the end of the video. I wonder if her label had a fit editing this to make it look like she wasn’t mocking any potentially racially sensitive dance phenomenons. And it’s not that bad a song, though it’s not that great either. So let’s just get past this goofiness.

Oh, how much you wanna bet Solange still hasn’t watched the video? If you’re going to like someone’s comments where they admit they haven’t watched it, you should probably watch it yourself and have your own opinion.

We’re all seriously getting bent out of shape over a Taylor Swift video and Earl’s comment? Taylor Swift and her new song are totally whatever. Earl’s comment is uninformed, which is funny since he’s smart and usually makes very clear statements/arguments for his perspective. That said, would anyone give a damn if any average person said what Earl had? Would we take it seriously? No. So let’s stop mumbling about this, it’s just silly. Other than that, Taylor, you wanna stay at the top? Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, be it making mediocre pop songs or writing songs about all the guys you dated or appropriating trends you really shouldn’t be, because it keeps you in the limelight and people can’t stop talking about you, case in point. At least she isn’t Miley.

 +1Posted on Aug 20th | re: 30 Years Of Music Industry Change In One GIF (71 comments)

I still buy CDs all the time, but I buy vinyl almost as regularly again now too. Cassettes seem ridiculous to be making a comeback of any kind, but I understand them being a “specialty” item, and I even bought the last Tobacco album on CD, vinyl and cassette.

There was a time when people asked why anyone bothered buying vinyl when turntables weren’t everywhere again, whereas now you can find cheap, okay turntables rather easily, and good ones are a little less expensive than they used to be. I don’t believe that will happen with cassettes though. Seriously, the MP3 is the equivalent of the cassette in the 90s, at least in terms of accessibility. And I buy digital too, but if it isn’t lossless I’d rather hunt down the CD or vinyl.

Oh, and in response to Mads’ comment, yeah, live shows should now be considered a source of revenue, though the music industry never looked at them as something they profited from, and it mostly isn’t something they profit from still. It’s for the bands and their promoters, etc., unless you’re in one of those silly 360 deals, and I can’t see how they benefit anyone other than Devo.

 +10Posted on Jul 15th | re: Conor Oberst Rape Accuser Admits She Lied (73 comments)

This is such a terrible mess. I have a friend whose daughter accused a family member of rape. It was scary and everyone felt they were required to draw lines, even though the story was iffy. Without going into full details, her story was full of questionable information, so while we wanted to support her, we couldn’t help but wonder. In the end, she revealed the whole thing was a lie and it became apparent thereafter it was a symptom of a much larger problem. She got into even bigger trouble not long after, though she began going to therapy and taking medication and has since gotten her life together. Still, I have to wonder about her, as it is scary to think anyone could be accused by her regardless of their innocence.

Rape isn’t something to joke about, and I do believe that if someone accuses another of rape, it should be taken very seriously. A terrible event like this should not change that. But I do think all the facts must be considered before we damn someone for these things, especially when the evidence simply doesn’t add up.

I’m glad she came out and admitted it was a lie, though this is the kind of thing that will probably continue to destroy her life along with Oberst’s. As everyone has noted, many will never believe Oberst’s innocence, though just as many will never believe anything Faircloth ever says again. The problem with this is Faircloth wasn’t her real name and her true identity and appearance aren’t widely known, whereas Oberst is a walking target.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, rape is a terrible thing and must be taken seriously. Damn Faircloth for ruining someone else’s life and potentially damaging the credibility of those actually abused, regardless of her circumstances, but don’t take her misdoings as a justification to negate claims of rape or other abuses. We must take them just as seriously as ever, though we also have to be ready to ask the tough questions when issues arise. It’s a slippery slope, but the only way to deal with it is to do it right. That’s vague as hell, but saying we have to consider all the facts sounds terrible to others regardless if it’s true. Events like this make it clear how difficult these things get and why there has to be a better way to handle terrible acts and accusations like this, as well as why we need to find a way to break the stigma and shame that rape and abuse victims feel that keeps them from letting people know when they do need support.

Honestly, your “grumpy post” is completely accurate. I’m happy for her but if she doesn’t do something, AND I MEAN REALLY DO SOMETHING AND REALLY SOON, then who cares? She wasted her lead being difficult, and in hip-hop, or whatever she wants to call what she’s doing (didn’t she say she’s not a rapper despite rapping and not really singing?), that year or two killed her career, at least in the US.

I really liked 212 and Fantasea and I’ve wanted to hear more from her ever since. Here is her chance, and she better not screw it up, OR ELSE!