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 +2Posted on Jan 30th | re: It Sure Seems Like Neil Young's Pono Player Is Bullshit (66 comments)

This again? Okay, last thing I’m going to write about the 24 bit vs 16 bit Pono debacle. I have a friend who owns a recording studio and has worked with both big and small names, including a few who have “supported” Neil’s efforts. When asked his thoughts on 24 vs 16, he said that 24 is better but more for recording than anything else. 16 bit audio covers the whole range of human hearing and no one needs to listen to anything higher than 16/44 or record higher than 24/48. This is just his opinion, but I believe he knows what he’s talking about as he’s very good at what he does.

As for the writer being biased towards Apple hardware and software? Come on, this is the net, if you say you don’t like something or you’re lying, someone else will call you on it and say why you’re wrong. Look what’s going on here. The jury is still out on Pono, but I think the verdict will weigh against Neil and his efforts. I can love the guy’s music but I don’t have to like his opinions.

 0Posted on Jan 22nd | re: Is Kendrick Lamar's New Album Coming Out On Tuesday? (87 comments)

Lotsa great posts in here. This isn’t one of them.

Is it possible? Yeah, totally! Is it likely? Not very. Is that image from Canada as someone suggested? Dunno, eh? More important to me, how old is that sign? Meghan Trainor’s album is out now, so was this put up at the beginning of the month or end of December?

I do like the specifics of the Kidz Bop album, crediting it to the Kidz Bop Kids. Two z’s are too many?

On a kinda related note, glad I haven’t seen anyone posting about the Meghan Trainor album. It could be the second coming of Christ, but I think it’s gonna sink like a rock.

If the recordings are really from the original masters and produced without compression, that’s a wonderful thing. Somehow though, I don’t believe that will happen in most cases, with Arcade Fire’s Reflektor being an easy go-to reference. And anyway, we don’t need 24/192 for it to sound good.

I got downvoted? Okay. I guess my joke really was that bad.

The weird part is I coulda swore I saw this video when Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1 was announced. I could be wrong, but my brain is screaming WHAT?!? Thanks for finding this Eoin!

I know it’s basically been said a few times now, but FLAC is essentially the same as PONO, the difference being FLAC is a free lossless audio format and PONO isn’t. And as expected, the PONO store is about the same as the HD Tracks store, full of overpriced content that can be gotten elsewhere that isn’t really better than what is already available.

The device could be promising, although I’d like it to be quite a bit less ugly. That said, I’ve got a perfectly fine 160gb iPod Classic, and I could fill that up with lossless content if I wanted to, even if it would only go to 16/44. Still, Neil can’t convince me he’s doing anything to really improve the sound of older releases, or that anything he’s done justifies the excessive price tags at his PONO store.

Okay, dumb joke time…, I’m PO, so to buying anything at his store, I say NO. Or perhaps, the concept is PO, and to that I say NO.

 +3Posted on Jan 7th | re: The Body & Thou - "Terrible Lie" (Nine Inch Nails Cover) (4 comments)

Uh, wow? Yeah, wow. That’s all I really have to say about this. A very positive, wow.

 +1Posted on Jan 1st | re: Watch Bruce Springsteen Cover Sting At Kennedy Center Honors (5 comments)

Well made points, and I have to agree with you. That said, I’d still rather hang my head with Bruce than feel so lonely waiting for that bottle with Bruno. When the choir came out with Bruce, it was simply awesome.

 0Posted on Jan 1st | re: Watch Bruce Springsteen Cover Sting At Kennedy Center Honors (5 comments)

I think we know how he REALLY feels about this whole event now!

 0Posted on Dec 31st, 2014 | re: Watch Bruce Springsteen Cover Sting At Kennedy Center Honors (5 comments)

Anyone else think it’s ridiculous that Bruno Mars played after Bruce? And Bruno got to play two songs at that? That’s like,… I can’t think of a comparison, but it’s dumb. Really, really dumb.