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February 10, 2014 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Videogum
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February 8, 2014 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Videogum
This is so sad. I've loved this site so much. It's been my daily refuge. I really hope that the site can stay up so that we can dive back in and relive our happy memories. If it's going to be taken down, is there anyway a book could be published of some of the better posts? I would buy like ten copies. Thank you so much to Gabe, Lindsay and Kelly for moulding this site into one of my greatest joys. And thanks to SpinMedia for keeping the site afloat. I hope you know how much it meant to so many people. You've made the internet a sweeter place for all of us and there are no more guns left in the valley (of the Internet) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtoCw2iOTSc). Come back Videogum!!! We love you so.
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February 7, 2014 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Videogum
Gabriel Delahaye. I met the dude once when I was visiting NYC and he was a stand up guy.
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June 4, 2013 on Which Celeb Would You Actually WANT To Crash Your Wedding?
Is Don Cheadle a tiny man or is this the worst photoshop of all time?
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June 12, 2012 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: 100 Years Of Paramount
Deen Cuisine: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/45/NCI_butter.jpg
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March 6, 2012 on The Videogum Why Don’t You Caption It? Contest: Paula Deen And Your Boyfriend
Just so long as your safe Gabe.
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February 23, 2012 on Top Chef S09E15: Open Thread
True story: When we were kids, my mum used to take us to Children's Books fairs all the time. One time Judy Blume was there (in Australia!) but for whatever reason I couldn't be there - important kid stuff. She was my favourite, so my mum raced across town to pick me up and speed me back there. Unfortunately, I was too late. But Judy Blume left me a copy of Superfudge with the inscription 'Dear [What What], I'm sorry I missed you and I hope you enjoy this, Judy'. It's still at my parents' place somewhere. This is at least the second time she's been awarded 'The Best'.
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February 22, 2012 on And The Award For Being “The Best” Goes To…Judy Blume!
Just say how much you hate Parks and Recreation. Guaranteed lowest rated.
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January 23, 2012 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
I don't know why, but I can't not see this starring Parker Posey. This has 'Parker Posey' writtn all over it. In fact, I predict they're going to clone Parker Posey twice so that she can play all the lead characters and the band will be called 'Parker and the Poseys' and it will be amazing.
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September 1, 2011 on ABC Is Doing A Show About A ’90s Girl Band, Will It Be Good Do You Think?
Hey, congrats to all ballin' monsters. I'm actually heading to New York City (if it still exists) for a few weeks in September. Do any NYC monsters have any recommendations of things to see? Comedy clubs? Restaurants?
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August 26, 2011 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
Ruthless People was the best. It's pretty much Bette Midler's only defense. And it's a defense for EVERYTHING!
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August 19, 2011 on Congratulations To Danny DeVito On His Hollywood Star
I would stab a baby in the face to see this film.
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August 18, 2011 on “Gwyneth Paltrow Saved A Life On Sept. 11″
Um, how is it that the best part of the entire story hasn't been mentioned? Depardieu's friend handed him a 'miniature Evian bottle' when it became obvious he was going to pee. But it was too small and it overflowed, so that's when he peed in the aisle.
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August 18, 2011 on Anderson Cooper Loses It While Talking About Gerard Depardieu’s “PeeGate” (Just Made That Up. Get It? Pee But Also Airplanes?)
You could almost hear a felt heart ripping apart.
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August 11, 2011 on You Can Make It Up: Bert And Ernie Get Divorced
Ryan Gosling is a sexual robot sent back in time to change the future for all the ladies.
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August 11, 2011 on Is There Anyone In The World Who Doesn’t Like Ryan Gosling?
Gay for Gosling. I am serious about this. He's the only dude I've ever looked at and thought 'I would actually like to kiss him'. Just to see what would happen.
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August 11, 2011 on Is There Anyone In The World Who Doesn’t Like Ryan Gosling?
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July 15, 2011 on Robot Mouth Says “Go Back To Bed”
Nobody here drinks Fosters. It's actually sort of hard to find.
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July 11, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Australia
Gabe's right. Every single one of us is a sociopathic criminal. But just like Wilde wrote his greatest poem in prison, our criminality has gifted the world some important treasures. Need I remind everyone of RAED and Bangs?
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July 11, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Australia