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"I will treasure this MTV Moonman award for Best Naked Music Video Appearance forever, because it's what true serious art is all about."
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April 9, 2013 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Shia LaBeouf With A Street Performer
Ew, "Who was your Dan Harmon?" Who wrote that article, James Lipton? Can I nominate "Who was your ______?" to be our generation's "Where do you get your ideas?"
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February 13, 2013 on Thirty-Six Hours With Dan Harmon
He's not just looking for albinos! Also "raver kids with lights tricks or who can dance." Good music video or greatest music video? I enjoyed Joe Mande's follow-up casting tweets ... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/pocketfood/Screenshot2013-02-06at31902PM_zps99232b23.png
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February 6, 2013 on ATTN: Jared Leto Needs Your Help!
Oh cool -- it's non-denominational, actually. It's a good school and I'm really excited! And a lil' nervous.
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October 19, 2012 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
I'll be pursuing an MA in Theology and Ministry, with an emphasis in either theology and the arts or urban studies. Which just means I'll probably end up working for some kind of urban ministry or behind the scenes at a church but WHO KNOWS.
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October 18, 2012 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
I have everything but the essay portion completed for my application to seminary. Tonight I'm going out for sushi and Halloween costume shopping with my best friend, which means that instead of either working or writing my essay, which is what I intended to do today, I've been having a lot of thought tangents like "Where can I get a lead pipe, and should I paint blood on it?" and "Should I buy a new cigarette holder?" I'm going as Miss Scarlet from Clue. I REALLY wanted to be The Bride from Kill Bill but it turns out those yellow jumpsuits are ridic expensive.
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October 18, 2012 on How Was Everyone’s Day Today?
Seems like he's trying to distract us from remembering he's super bendy, liver-eating serial killer who lives in a nest of bile. BUT I CAN NEVER FORGET, DOUG. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/pocketfood/37494-425x318.jpg
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October 18, 2012 on Courtney Stodden’s 52-Year-Old Husband Defines “Child Molester”
man, nothing worse than wanting this so badly but having no artistic skill whatsoever. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/pocketfood/Screenshot2011-03-17at24644PM.png
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October 4, 2012 on So, There Is An Arrested Development Contest
This whole thing really kind of fills me with despair. We are no longer able to have civil conversations with people we disagree with in this country--our opinions are now expressed by what we eat or don't eat or what we click "Like" on on Facebook and there's wholesale dehumanization of anyone in the opposing camp. And it's only going to get more polarized. I have to go watch some trampoline accidents now, I'm feeling too many scary feelings.
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August 2, 2012 on Oh, Actually, Boycott Chick-Fil-A
There is nothing worse than a 22-year old who thinks she has life figured out. I wonder if she'll still have such a sneer-y face when she's 45?
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June 5, 2012 on Tirelessly Documenting The Things Kristen Stewart Says In Interviews, Because This World Is Complicated And Sometimes Hard To Navigate
That scene made me uncomfortable too!! And then I walked out into the lobby of the theater where I saw it and they had the kids' costumes on display and they looked SO tiny that it made me feel even squickier. Very gross old man of Wes. That said, I loved everything else about the movie.
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June 5, 2012 on The Videogum Movie Club: Snow White And The Huntsman
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June 5, 2012 on The Videogum Movie Club: Snow White And The Huntsman
But what of Punch Drunk Love, Gabe? WHAT OF PUNCH DRUNK LOVE
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May 25, 2012 on This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys
I don't know. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/pocketfood/seanpenncure.jpg
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April 10, 2012 on Everything About This Nike Video Is A Terrible Fucking Lie
I had to stop watching because even his hair is asking to be punched. He is like the love child of Sean Penn and Quentin Tarantino and EXACTLY as insufferable as the two of them combined.
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April 10, 2012 on Everything About This Nike Video Is A Terrible Fucking Lie
"What if every single food commercial was just Mary J Blige singing the ingredients?" --Peggy Olson
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April 3, 2012 on Mary J. Blige’s Burger King Commercial Posted Without Commentary
She should have thrown a mayonnegg in there, otherwise A++ work.
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March 15, 2012 on That’s Michael Cera’s Girlfriend: Allison
Heather Lawless had some of the very funniest bits in all those old Variety Shac shorts, ie the "Flowers in the Attic" book club one with Fred Armisen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVNliSwKWEc
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March 15, 2012 on Here Are Some Afternoon Links!