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How did Mikal Cronin not make the cut?
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June 20, 2013 on Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2013
How gan you do a Game of Thrones gif party without including this one: http://25.media.tumblr.com/587f2ad99bab547070b88d744754ac90/tumblr_mm4j9mQtW81rfycljo1_400.gif
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June 12, 2013 on I See Some Congratulations Are In Order, Game Of Thrones!
I don't know why 2013 has been a (half-)year of mostly let-downs for me so far. While none of my most anticipated releases turned out to be bad at all, none of them managed to really live up to my expectations. (I'm looking at you, Disclosure, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) The first pleasent surprise of the year for me – Jai Paul's debut album – turned out to be a fake as well, even though even this fake album would still top my list at this point. The biggest surprises for me this year so far were Baths, Laura Marling and Phosphorescent. Jenny Hval's second album was pretty amazing as well. But yeah... It's very hard to actually compile a list for me at this point because "good, but not as good as I'd hoped" makes for an unsatisfying list.
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June 7, 2013 on Stereogum’s Top 25 Albums Of 2013 So Far
don't forget though that Farrah Abraham's album from last year, which is a masterpiece, was only possible because the monkey had a typewriter (and other musical equipment, I suppose).
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May 9, 2013 on Sarah Dunne’s “Mwah” Music Video
You're missing out. So far, that (apparent) compilation of demos is my favourite release of the year, legitimate or not.
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April 15, 2013 on Nevermind, You Can’t Download Jai Paul’s Debut LP
apparently it's an illegal leak. https://twitter.com/jai_paul
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April 15, 2013 on Download Jai Paul’s Debut LP
Are you kidding me? That Jennifer Paige cover is ace!
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April 14, 2013 on Download Jai Paul’s Debut LP
...or sang the incredibly slut-shaming "Nasty Girl" or the submissive "Cater to U" or the horrible "Upgrade U", which is basically about hoa a woman is a perfect accessory for a man next to "purple label" neckties.That song actually contains the unbelievable line: "It's very seldom that ur blessed to find ur equal / Still play my part and let u take the lead role, believe me" Which basically says: I am happy to be your subordinate because you're a man. And now her tour is named the "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour"... I think you can say that Beyonce (or at least her writers and producers) are anti-feminists... which is quite a shame. Beyonce is an incredible musician... "B-Day" is such a great Album, musically... but when it comes to progressive stances on being a woman, you shouldn't turn to Beyonce.
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February 5, 2013 on Watch Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Show
premature evaluation: http://media.tumblr.com/acc3e9d1d78e114da0a8e688837c1eab/tumblr_inline_mg9x7vVxY61qznjc3.gif
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January 28, 2013 on The Knife – “Full Of Fire” Video
There are not many women for whom I'd do an ex-gay therapy. Marnie Stern is definitely one of them. She and Karen O.
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January 23, 2013 on Win A Date With Marnie Stern
No. Because they're actually really good.
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January 23, 2013 on Album Of The Week: Toro Y Moi Anything In Return
See, but the quality of the music on Centipede Hz. was somewhat foreshadowed by the hideous album cover (well, no, it wasn't THAT bad) . What if this fate repeats itself here?
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January 15, 2013 on Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito Details
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January 14, 2013 on Justin Timberlake – “Suit & Tie” (Feat. Jay-Z)
Now that I read this article, I think that they should totally make a film abou the making of "The Canyons" based on this article. Such a great read.
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January 11, 2013 on “Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie”
The conclusion I arrived to from this list: Americans have a weird understanding of dance music.
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December 27, 2012 on The Top 30 Electronic Dance Tracks Of 2012
I'm sorry, but I consider excluding 30 Rock's best season from this list a hate crime.
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December 25, 2012 on Favorite TV Shows Of 2012
2012 was a great year for R'n'B and Rap. But we should not forget that for every Frank Ocean there is a Chris Brown. I see the R'n'B revival more as a response to all the Eurodance-infused trash-pop that is sold as R'n'B nowadays. And as great as Usher's Climax was, it hit so hard because it stood out so much from the rest of mainstream R'n'B rather than feeling like being a part of it.
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December 25, 2012 on 2012 In Review: The New Wave Of R&B Comes Into Full Bloom
This will get tons of downvotes, because it contains a link and most will identify it as the selfish self-promotion this probably is. (but then again, this is Stereogum, what if not self-promotion is this comments section even about?) Anyway. On my tumblr, I started posting my 20 most-listened to albums of 2012. Had I decided on my favourite albums, the list would have looked a bit different and a bit more pretentious . Now it's only what I actually LISTENED to the most, which is probably really the best indicator for these kinds of things anyway... So far the list has been: 20. Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory 19. Solange – True EP 18. Josephine Foster – Blood Rushing 17. Holly Herndon – Movement 16. Azealia Banks – 1991 EP 15. Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It 14. Doe Paoro – Slow to Love 13. Beach House – Bloom 12. Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror 11. Julia Holter – Ekstasis . . . http://mycolouredkingdom.tumblr.com/
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December 21, 2012 on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012
This list summarized in one word: meh. Albeit a solid best of 2012 list, unlike their best songs of the year, there is hardly a single surprise on this list, which is a shame. I also think that each album that got away with an "honorable mention" should actually have been on the main list. Especially Holly Herndon's "Movement", Lauren Halo's "Quarantine" and Matthew E. White's "Big Inner" were stellar. Also,This guy: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcpjeditgc1qab1bgo1_500.gif
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December 21, 2012 on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012
Chris Pratt proves that you can't be a beefcake and eat it, too.
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December 20, 2012 on Here Are Some Morning Links!
We probably just got fooled and listened the wrong album? Well played, Animal Collective, well played.
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December 19, 2012 on The Gummy Awards: Your Top 20 Albums Of 2012
See, that's where i think your argument get's a bit fishy. 1. How is "chart success" a criterion for "best song"? 2. Apparently "Round & Round", by topping that list, was more critically acclaimed, as it was determined by a voting process by a large group of music critics (all contributing to the same site, but none the less) 3. I'm pretty sure I've replayed "Round & Round" a lot more than "Runaway". How do you define re-playability anyway? Heck, one of my most-listened-to songs of all time is "Clara" from Scott Walker's The Drift, which, I guess, isn't what you'd call "catchy" at all, if that's what your definition of "re-playable" is. 4. "impact" is quite hard to predict in the long run anyway. I recently did an 80s playlist for a friend's party and discovered that the 80s covered so much more ground than you'd accredit them for, and I think that that's one of the aims of lists like this one. But enough already. I'm gonna be spending the rest of my day eating cookies and watching dog gifs on tumblr now.
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December 18, 2012 on Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks Of 2012
I have to admit that I fell for Grimes this year – and i actually agree with her top spot in this list. Also, Jasmine on #10 gave me tons of joy! Say about Pitchfork what you want, but this list is pretty much spot on P.S.: I DO agree with the lack of Perfume Genius on any end-of-year list so far!
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December 18, 2012 on Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks Of 2012
This post is perfect and I want to applaud you with this gif: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mebpf0lKre1rqzt90o1_500.gif
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December 14, 2012 on The Gummy Awards: Your Top 20 Indie Rock Crushes Of 2012
Now I'm sad I never got the chance to see old-school Chan Marshall live.
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December 12, 2012 on Watch Cat Power’s Funny Or Die Sketch
I simply don't get the Korean guy, but whatever. Great list anyway!
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December 11, 2012 on The Gummy Awards: Your Top 10 Music Videos Of 2012
I find myself agreeing with you too much, stereogum. Does that mean it's time to find another music resource?
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December 5, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012
As a German – are you telling me that Hasselhoff ISN'T Santa?!
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December 5, 2012 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Happy Holidays From David Hasselhoff
Interesting choices for the top 30. Ranks 50 – 31 are mostly ludicrous though.
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December 3, 2012 on Spin’s 50 Best Albums Of 2012