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Wonder how Trent will react when festival organizers cut NIN's set early in favor of airing a Delta Airlines ad on the videoboard
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January 28, 2014 on Primavera Sound 2014 Lineup
And he lives in the all important state of Florida, which means the election will probably come down to the Stapp Vote. Barack is probably going to get Stapp'd and lose out now because of Scotty's sacrifice. At least if Romney wins he'll probably do the most sensible thing and change our National Anthem to My Sacrifice
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October 5, 2012 on Barack Obama Loses Powerful Scott Stapp Endorsement
Is he holding the doll to show where Michael attempted to touch him?
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July 23, 2012 on Worlds Been Had Colliding From The Vault: Michael Jackson And Chunk From The Goonies
Hopefully Sony can cast Emma Stone to play Kirsten Dunst
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July 23, 2012 on Keep Your Fingers Crossed For This Jumanji Reboot!
1.) So they highlighted and only highlighted kd lang and melissa etheridge? Is there some sort of key at the bottom that explains this? 2.) Whomever compiled the list was definitely dragged to Lilith Fair 3.) I never thought to spell it Macey Gray 4.) Does international rap superstar Ja Rule qualify as second tier hip hop?
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July 23, 2012 on ATTN: Employees – Do Not Buy These Used CDs
I'm going stop sinning and start referring to premarital sex as horizontal homage
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July 19, 2012 on Finally, A Way To Practice Yoga That WON’T Send Us To Hell
Gotta admire the symmetry of those piercings. He keeps looking back to see how close the fast approaching wildebeest like stampede of babes is getting
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July 19, 2012 on Let’s Talk About Anything BUT This Video!