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Second time I've heard the song. Love the chorus and lyrics. Great harmonies and melody. Definately can't wait for the next album
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April 22, 2008 on Grizzly Bear Bring “While You Wait For The Others” To Conan
Amazing song. Good quality video. If this song doesn't get you pumped for summer I don't know what will. I hope this makes it on the next full length.
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April 17, 2008 on New Animal Collective Video – “Brother Sport” (Live In Lyon, France)
Definately don't agree with Kanye West. Graduation is a great cd, equally as good as college dropout for different reasons. He's developed a new style and its a great album all the way through, I can recall a few songs that I skip over when listening to College Dropout.
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April 15, 2008 on The A.V. Club’s 20 Acts That Peaked With The Debut Album
Nice song. Probably will fit in well with whatever song comes before and after it on the album. I can't wait for this album.
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April 14, 2008 on New Wolf Parade – “Call It A Ritual” (Stereogum Premiere)
I love this cd. Very underrated due to the Vampire Weekend hype at the time of its release. I love V.W. but Red Yellow and Blue is right up there for one of my favorite releases.
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April 13, 2008 on New Born Ruffians Video – “I Need A Life”