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Community was great, really glad that after the hiatus they didn’t try and make the episodes more “accessible” , and are continuing with character exploration/weird jokes etc. 30 Rock was OK but what was the deal with the Cline Eastwood bit,that seemed more like a parody of the SNL skit than the actual commercial.and all the celeb. breakdown stuff was pretty boring. also boring, all of the offices boner jokes.

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April 20, 2012 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread

“Larry’s not white, LARRY’S CLEAR!”

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November 29, 2011 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Bill Murray And The Obamas At A College Basketball Game

look at that nerd in the video! trying to end gun violence in schools! good choice of video to show how nerdy he is.

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December 8, 2010 on Don’t Get Urkel’ed!

much better than the usual media coverage of detroit

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October 30, 2010 on Robocop Kid Announces Early End To Halloween 2010

they were kind enough to show it at 1:36am. Good time slot!

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October 29, 2010 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Halloween 2010 Edition

this fall on CBS! “Movie Premiers My Mom Time Travels To!”

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October 29, 2010 on A Brief Note About The Charlie Chaplin “Time Traveler” Video

Enchantment Under the Sea Dance Flick ?

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October 15, 2010 on Best New Party Game 34: Back To The Future Edition

Its your cousin marvin! MARVIN BRUGES

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October 15, 2010 on Best New Party Game 34: Back To The Future Edition

topher grace is in detroit right now shooting a movie with richard gere. some people came to take pictures of my house because they might want to use it for filming. i can only hope.

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July 1, 2010 on Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?