Album Art Posts

Earlier today, The New York Times' T Magazine revealed the new album art for Santigold's new album, Master of My Make-Believe, and that's it up above. And, some real high-art shit went into the…   Read Story »
We knew Heaven Is Whenever was on its way. That's what it'll look like. Craig Finn has said the album's lyrical themes include struggle, reward, and suffering. Doesn't this hand look like it's…   Read Story »
Good news for lovers of cantankerous, hyperacusis-afflicted songwriters (also, just plain old good news): Stephin Merritt and his Magnetic Fields will be back with their eighth LP Realism on January…   Read Story »
When Dayve Hawk edited "Graphics" for UK radio he opted out of a simple abridgment, instead slicing and dicing it while also folding in new passages and a clipped futuristic (less backward looking)…   Read Story »
When premiering Small Black's "Bad Lover," we accompanied the MP3 with the catchy J&MC-echoing pop tune "Despicable Dogs," its Washed Out remix, and plenty of background information on the duo of…   Read Story »
The reissued Love Comes Close is officially out today. You might've already   Read Story »
Three years ago, Midlake released The Trials Of Van Occupanther, a sweetly harmonized, intimately rocking sophomore album that took them far away from their native Denton, TX, placing them on big…   Read Story »
Vampire Weekend's very familiar "A Punk" soundtracks a colorful (slow) trip (into the city) across Google Maps in an ad for the HP Photosmart Premium, "the world's first Internet connected printed."…   Read Story »
As mentioned when we posted "The Red Bow," 19-year-old Santa Rosa resident Ryan Schmale, who records as That Ghost, approaches low-fidelity in a different way than some of his other one-person band…   Read Story »
When Field Music gave us a   Read Story »