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Teengirl Fantasy released their new EP Thermal today, and you can stream it now on an interactive website. A few months ago, James pointed out that the group has a "witch-house-once-removed vibe,"…   Read Story »
Yesterday, L.A.'s synthetic shoegazers IO Echo released a cover of Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker," off of their new mixtape I've Been Vaping Your Tears, which is available for download today.…   Read Story »
Kitty's come a long way since the doe-eyed rap of "Okay Cupid," which I'll still stand by as a hella fun track (though it didn't age as well as I would have hoped). As someone who's been following…   Read Story »
Following a lot of (manufactured?) controversy, a handful of revelatory live shows, and a run of singles that have included "Put Your Number In My Phone," "Black Ballerina," and "Picture Me Gone,"…   Read Story »
Two Inch Astronaut have had a crazy good run of singles in the lead-up to their new album: both "Foulbrood" and "Dead White Boy" made our five best songs list in the respective weeks they were…   Read Story »
Thus far this year, the mysterious one-man DIY project Recycle Culture has released the Puzzle Logic album and the In Transit II EP. Now, Erik Moline has a new four-song EP called AYA. Its leadoff…   Read Story »
D.C. punk heroes Fugazi, who absolutely belong in the top 10 on your greatest-bands-of-all-time list, are about to release their original demo for the first time, giving it the creative title First…   Read Story »
Last month, we named the Brooklyn-based band Chumped Band To Watch, and James talked to them at great length about the strange limbotic state of "teenage retirement" that inspired their album.…   Read Story »
T.O.L.D.'s Dan Smith doesn't branch out much on his debut EP, Heaven, but what he does accomplish he does so because of his laser-like focus. Drawing from all of modern-day glossy synth-pop and…   Read Story »
Dirt Dress are releasing their new EP next week but, as things go nowadays, it's streaming a week early. They won't shake the Joy Division comparisons with the four songs here, but they're so silky…   Read Story »