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Blue Hawaii have released a new mix to celebrate the end of the year that features new edits of some of their old songs, plus an unreleased track called "All Of My Heart" and a remix of Kyle Hall's…   Read Story »
Mike Will Made It is continuing his tradition of year-end mixtapes with Ransom. It's the Atlanta superproducer's first release with all-new songs rather than a collection of various tracks from…   Read Story »
Hey, you needed some more new music to listen to today, right? Because there's not enough new music out there today? Well, YG has got you. YG already made My Krazy Life, easily the best major-label…   Read Story »
The sudden reemergence of D'Angelo seems likely to overshadow every other album coming out this week, but Nicki Minaj's new album The Pinkprint should still be a pretty big deal. Minaj has been…   Read Story »
Last year, Kevin Gates, a longtime rap hero in his Baton Rouge hometown, broke the fuck out nationally with his incredible mixtape The Luca Brasi Story. Gates has released a couple of other mixtapes…   Read Story »
Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film Inherent Vice came out today and is available to stream, which you can do below via Spotify. It features original music from…   Read Story »
There's been lots of speculation, especially among dorks like us, about which superstar would drop a surprise album by the end of the year: Kanye West? Kendrick Lamar? BeyoncĂ©? Nobody expected the…   Read Story »
We recently heard former Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle's new single "Bell's View," released on a hybrid disc that can be played in a CD player or on a turntable. The latest from Lytle is House Show,…   Read Story »
WHY? frontman Yoni Wolf is about to launch a short southern US tour, and he's marking the occasion with a limited edition covers tape called Snowjams. The project will be limited to 300 copies, and…   Read Story »
There's a world of difference between the stuff James Blake makes for his albums and the for-the-heads tracks he cranks out between album cycles. Blake is getting ready to release a new album,…   Read Story »