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The former Girls frontman Christopher Owens has been slowly sharing songs from his second solo album A New Testament for about six months now, and we've already heard "It Comes Back To You,"…   Read Story »
We're in the midst of a ridiculously fertile year for doom metal; just in the past few weeks, we've received monster albums from Pallbearer and Yob. And now British doom legends Electric Wizard are…   Read Story »
We were big fans of the first two singles from Cloud Castle Lake's Dandelion EP. In their own distinct ways, "Sync" and "A Wolf Howling" found the Dublin group conjuring up falsetto-powered art-rock…   Read Story »
Julian Casablancas has been working on Tyranny, his solo album with new backing band the Voidz, for a while now, and the thing was a controversial discussion-subject before anyone even heard the…   Read Story »
L.A. musician Jennifer Lee makes lively futuristic dance-pop under the name TOKiMONSTA. She's been very busy in recent years, releasing two LPs, two EPs, and two standalone singles since 2010 on…   Read Story »
On their upcoming album Clean Blood, Regular Acid, Spray Paint churn out what they lovingly call "scum rock." Based on recent singles like "Threesomes Can Wait" and "Cussin," it's clear they can…   Read Story »
Over the last year, coverage of the music scene in Melbourne, Australia has been increasing, which is fine because the music scene in Melbourne, Australia is freaking great. Bands like Total Control…   Read Story »
"So am I being hoodwinked to even think that I could love you?" That question looms over everything on LVL UP's masterful sophomore album. It's a record that addresses our enormous capability for…   Read Story »
The Long Island band Twin Sister have been on a serious role ever since they announced, a few month ago, that they'd inexplicably changed their name to Mr Twin Sister. The three songs they've shared…   Read Story »
Kyle Thomas has made noise with a lot of different bands: Happy Birthday, Feathers, Witch. But he really hit his artistic stride when he renamed himself King Tuff and started knocking out snotty,…   Read Story »