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Dan Keech, the Baltimore rapper who records as Height, has been a vital part of his hometown's DIY-indie scene for more than a decade, and he's also a supremely good dude. There's a good chance…   Read Story »
It's been nearly three years since Phil Elverum released the lonely, majestic Ocean Roar, his last album as Mount Eerie. Next week, he'll follow it up with Sauna, his latest piece of desolate,…   Read Story »
It's not like Kieran Hebden doesn't release a fuckton of music under his Four Tet name. Both on his own and as a producer for other artists, Hebden is one of those electronic artists who can maintain…   Read Story »
One of the many reasons 2015 is an amazing time to be alive: John Carpenter is about to drop an album on Sacred Bones. Carpenter is one of the great horror and sci-fi directors of all-time, and…   Read Story »
Title Fight have been gracefully expanding their sound over their past two albums, growing out of their post-hardcore and emo influences and adopting something more in the vein of traditional,…   Read Story »
Kizzy Hall are the latest entrants in Ohio's grand tradition of scrappy, melodic, lo-fi rock 'n' roll. It's a lineage that stretches from '70s DIY innovator Mike "Rep" Hummel to modern-day melodic…   Read Story »
Today, Aphex Twin follows up last year's grand comeback album SYRO with a new EP called Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2. Up until now, all we'd heard was "Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed…   Read Story »
Figi Afterglow is the first collection of demos from Aggrocragg, the new solo project of former It Looks Sad bassist Lamont Brown. It was recorded in his bedroom, and is appropriately well-worn and…   Read Story »
It's unclear when Lil Wayne will put out his supposedly-final album Tha Carter V. After it was pushed back indefinitely late last year, Wayne came out and said that he was a "prisoner" on his Cash…   Read Story »
"How many different ways can we talk about 'booty'? There's only a handful of topics I think about when I'm writing a track and that's generally one of them," NYC-via-Chicago DJ/producer Brenmar told…   Read Story »