Des Moines, Iowa is ostensibly one of those cities caught in the long shadow of another, in this case, Chicago, to the extent that a lot of people in Iowa are devout Cubs fans. But, thanks to a lot…   Read Story »
Though Anchorage's music scene shares some similarities with other local ecosystems we've featured, the thing that makes the biggest city in Alaska stand out is its isolation, to the extent that all…   Read Story »
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Of all the Area Codes we've done so far, Denver is the biggest city, so it's probably not a surprise that it has one of the richer histories of anything in the series. Before the jam band craze of…   Read Story »
Like any great music scene, Huntsville has been percolating for some time now. Through acts like PRGz and the production duo Block Beataz, Huntsville became a pin on the rap landscape with its…   Read Story »
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When I think about the most "American" artists -- whatever that means -- my consideration often gravitates toward authors like William Faulkner, whose emotional prose shaded a number of complex…   Read Story »
Today, we're introducing a new series called Area Codes, and the focus of this biweekly feature is local music scenes across the United States and the globe. In a music landscape where musicmaking…   Read Story »