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Watch DJ Shadow Soundtrack A Chevy Ad

By Chris DeVille / November 17, 2014
While watching college football this weekend I noticed a familiar piano figure soundtracking a car commercial. Indeed, there was DJ Shadow's "Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt," the opening salvo from the 1996 classic Endtroducing... DJ Shadow, selling Chevy trucks. Can't hate on Shadow for getting that GM bailout money, but as someone o… More »

Watch Weird Al Star In A Commercial For Radio Shack, Which Still Exists

By Chris DeVille / November 12, 2014
Radio Shack and "Weird Al" Yankovic are 1980s pop culture institutions that have survived and thrived to this day. Appropriately, they've teamed up for a new commercial. Yankovic -- who is rocking facial hair again, in case that interests you -- plays a Willy Wonka-like character guiding holiday shoppers through the magical toy land that… More »

Hear Karen O Sing “Marshmallow World” In Target’s New Christmas Ad

By James Rettig / November 11, 2014
Karen O soundtracks a new holiday commercial from Target with a modern take on the 1949 Christmas song "Marshmallow World," which was written by Carl Sigman and composed by peter DeRose. And if I'm reading this press release from Target correctly, get used to hearing this song a lot during the coming months:… More »

Watch Dev Hynes’ Gap Commercial & “Play Your Stripes” In The Interactive Game

By Chris DeVille / November 3, 2014
Dev Hynes is seemingly everywhere these days, and that includes a new Gap campaign called "Play Your Stripes." There are two components to this: (1) Hynes dances and plays the stripes of his shirt like a keyboard in a new long-form commercial that doubles as a video for Blood Orange's Cupid Deluxe track "It… More »

My Morning Jacket – “This Land Is Your Land” (Woody Guthrie Cover)

By Maggie Stamets / October 27, 2014
My Morning Jacket recorded a cover of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" as a part of North Face's "Your Land" campaign. The folk classic -- which MMJ frontman Jim James calls "the most eternal song when it comes to America" -- provides a moving soundtrack for the North Face TV spot. James say… More »

Watch Eleanor Friedberger’s Lucky Brand Jeans Spot

By James Rettig / October 27, 2014
Eleanor Friedberger is the subject of a new commercial for Lucky Brand Jeans for their #standout campaign. The Fiery Furnaces singer stars in a commercial and appears in a few photos for the clothing company. She begins the ad by taking about herself in the third-person, which is a weird thing to do: "Eleanor Friedberger… More »

Hear Taylor Swift’s “Style” Debut In A Target Commercial & See 1989‘s Tracklist

By Tom Breihan / October 22, 2014
If you've been hearing a distant rumble, or noticing animals getting agitated, or perhaps seeing weather patterns doing strange things, you are right to be alarmed. We are five days away from Tayor Swift releasing her new album 1989 and dominating popular music for the foreseeable future. Taylor has already unleashed three songs, in their… More »

Ringo Starr Is The New Face Of Skechers

By James Rettig / October 21, 2014
Ringo Starr is officially the new face of Skechers. According to a press release, the Beatles drummer "will be bringing his legendary talent and style" to the Skechers line of Relaxed Fit shoes. Starr will join an esteemed group of endorsers that includes Britney Spears, Joe Namath, Pete Rose, and Mariano Rivera, all… More »

Watch FKA Twigs’ “Concept Film” For Google Glass

By James Rettig / October 20, 2014
FKA Twigs stars in and directs a new video called "#throughglass" that acts as both an impressive showcase for Tahliah Barnett's dancing and a weird commercial for Google Glass, which is featured prominently in the visuals. (They call it a "concept film.") Twigs is joined by an cadre of dancers who all have some crazy… More »

Watch Bun B In A Toothpaste Commercial

By James Rettig / October 9, 2014
Houston rapper Bun B makes an appearance in a recent advertisement for Rembrandt, a teeth whitening company. He acknowledges the absurdity right of the bat: "I am probably not the normal person that you'd see in a toothpaste ad." He stars in the commercial alongside Marvel comics editor Sana Amanat and Top Chef winner Kriste… More »

U2 & Lykke Li Song Sneaked Into Walking Dead Promos

By James Rettig / October 6, 2014
The Walking Dead's fifth season premieres this Sunday, and a couple of new teaser trailers use the U2/Lykke Li collab "The Troubles" from last month's Songs Of Innocence. In the past, the zombie show has used songs from Waxahatchee, A.C. Newman, Phantogram, and a bunch more on a soundtrack series called… More »

Watch The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Soundtrack A Hershey’s Commercial

By Peter Helman / October 6, 2014
Have you ever listened to the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and thought, "Gee, this would be really great for selling chocolate?" Well, someone over at Hershey's clearly has, because there's a new Hershey's commercial soundtracked by the joyously infectious single "Simple And Sure" off the indie-pop crew's newest album, Days Of Abandon. More »

Watch Son Lux Play A Piano Rigged With Razors For Gillette

By Miles Bowe / September 2, 2014
Ryan Lott, aka Son Lux, is probably best known for his work with Sisyphus -- the strange rap project in which he collaborates with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti -- but like his Sisyphus bandmates, Lott moves all around the style spectrum. Recently, Lott composed a piano piece for a Gillette ad, in which he also… More »

Death Grips Soundtrack Adidas Commercial

By James Rettig / September 2, 2014
Death Grips broke up earlier this year shortly after releasing Niggas On The Moon, one half of a double album called The Powers That B. At the time of their breakup, the band said, "we are now at our best and so Death Grips is over. we have officially stopped." Adidas have now released… More »

Hear Rustie’s New “Velcro” In Adidas Ad Starring Lionel Messi

By Chris DeVille / August 4, 2014
Rustie's Green Language is a truly incredible piece of work, thanks in part to "Velcro," one of many fine tracks that crossbreed booming trap production with that trusty old Justice electro-arena-rock blog house sound. The song makes its public debut in a new Adidas ad in which Lionel Messi is projected on the streets of… More »

The Internet Is Upset With Busta Rhymes’ Cameo In “Swagger Wagon” Car Commercial

By Chris DeVille / August 4, 2014
In 2010, Toyota promoted its Sienna minivan by dubbing it the "Swagger Wagon," complete with a music video that featured two WASPy suburban parents boasting about their vehicle in forced hip-hop slang. Last Friday, the company revived the "Swagger Wagon" concept (and the strained euphemism "motherfather") with a new white nuclear family, new imitation-DJ-Mustard… More »

Julie Doiron Soundtracks Apple’s Parenthood Spot

By Chris DeVille / July 14, 2014
Apple turned to the Pixies (by way of a children's choir) to soundtrack one recent iPhone commercial. As MacRumors reports, they've enlisted another indie-rock icon, Julie Doiron of Sub Pop noise-pop act Eric's Trip, for the musical component of their latest iPhone ad. This one is called "Parenthood" and is about, unsurprisingly, parenthood. More »

Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX, Little Dragon, Childish Gambino, Chromeo Star In Milk Music Ad

By Tom Breihan / July 3, 2014
Milk Music isn't just a DIY punk band from Olympia; it's also the name Samsung has given to its entry into the streaming-services wars. And in a new commerical, the Samsung people have rounded up a fairly impressive slate of artists, organizing them together in service of the idea that, if you play these people'… More »

Watch Mick Jagger Send Up Monty Python In A Promo For Their Final Reunion Shows

By Miles Bowe / July 1, 2014
What's that? "A bunch of wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money"? Just who are we talking about here?! In a recent promo for Monty Python's final reunion shows, Mick Jagger (and bandmate Charlie Watts) are watching the World Cup when Jagger's assistant asks him if he want… More »

Kanye West – “God Level”

By Scott Lapatine / May 24, 2014
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are in Versailles and Florence for their wedding weekend, which already featured Lana Del Rey, David Blaine, and great caviar at the rehearsal dinner. Meanwhile, the rapper's new song "God Level" can now be heard in an Adidas FIFA World Cup commercial titled "The Dream." (Kanye is Adidas'… More »

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