Disclosure were a tiny-font band on last year's Coachella lineup, but this year they essentially co-headlined Sunday night alongside Arcade Fire, drawing a densely packed crowd of revelers to the…   Read Story »
It is not possible to overstate the importance of Kim Deal. As a member of the Pixies and a founding member of the Breeders, she has made some of the most deeply compelling -- not to mention some of…   Read Story »
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Soon, you will be familiar with Adam Granduciel's home. You don't realize this yet, but you will see it. And, actually, you might have seen part of it already: It's there on the cover of the new War…   Read Story »
Atlas, the album Real Estate releases today, finds the Jersey-bred, Brooklyn-based guitar-pop combo settling comfortably into adulthood as individuals and as a musical entity. On the personal front,…   Read Story »
The music world hasn't heard much from Himanshu Suri since late 2012, when the release of Wild Water Kingdom, his second solo mixtape of the year, was followed quickly by the announcement that his…   Read Story »
Anyone who has ever listened closely to Kevin Drew's songs -- or logged any interview time with him -- will tell you that Drew is quite unabashedly a lover, not a fighter. A self-described "failed…   Read Story »
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With After The Disco, the sprawling and ambitious sophomore effort they'll release next week, Shins frontman James Mercer and superproducer Danger Mouse cement their band Broken Bells as more than…   Read Story »
Though they could surely afford to take a nice long break at this point, the boys in Metallica never seem to stop working. In 2013 the band not only released a 3D concert film -- the pretty wildly…   Read Story »