Neil Young Albums From Worst To Best

By James Jackson Toth / August 23, 2013
Aliens land. They've traveled from some distant planet with a specific mission: to find out what this 'rock and roll' stuff is all about. Through some curious coincidence, they find you. "What is rock and roll?" they demand, rayguns drawn. You begin to sweat. Still, there is really only one question you need to ask… More »

The 10 Best Soundgarden Songs

By Ryan Leas / August 22, 2013
For a while there, it seemed like people forgot about Soundgarden. If you got into Soundgarden in the '00s, you got into them during what was a bit of a wasteland for the band. While their peers and contemporaries flared out tragically (Alice In Chains, Nirvana) but in ways that solidified legacies, or others continued… More »

Highest Paid DJs 2013

By Liz Pelly / August 17, 2013
Forbes has compiled a list of the 13 highest paid DJs of 2013. As EDM has grown more popular over the past few years, the earnings listed are unsurprisingly insanely high. It's also unsurprisingly an all-male list. Check out the entire list below. "Our annual earnings estimates include income from live shows, endorsements, merchandise sales,… More »

Foo Fighters Albums From Worst To Best

By Ryan Leas / August 16, 2013
The Foo Fighters' career has been a series of improbabilities. There is the first, and most obvious hurdle: The idea that any member, let alone the drummer, would rise from the ashes of Nirvana after Kurt Cobain's suicide and, while not necessarily defining a whole other generation of music (in the way of, say, Joy… More »

The 10 Best Things At Outside Lands 2013

By Miles Bowe / August 12, 2013
Between music, comedy, food, and artwork, Outside Lands really is one of the more interesting American summer festivals. You checked out our coverage and photos from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and now we have The 10 Best Things we experienced at the festival, music-related or otherwise. Check out the countdown here. More »

Elvis Costello Albums From Worst To Best

By Timothy Bracy And Elizabeth Bracy / August 9, 2013
Declan "Elvis Costello" MacManus was by far the most literate and diverse of the "angry young man" songwriters emerging from England in the late 1970s, no small achievement in light of competition that included first-rate talents like Graham Parker, Joe Jackson, John Lydon, Shane MacGowan, and the Strummer/Jones pairing of the Clash. Elvis's terrific 1977 debut came at the height of… More »

The 10 Best Pulp Songs

By Ryan Leas / August 8, 2013
Way back before poptimism became a thing that went beyond anti-rockism and into the territory of taking every sound ever very seriously -- I am still not on board with the '70s schmaltz-rock moments of Random Access Memories -- Pulp was a huge amalgam of uncool things. Grunge still reigned here while over in England… More »

The 10 Less Obvious Must-See Sets At Outside Lands 2013

By Miles Bowe / August 8, 2013
This weekend, thousands of people will be flocking to San Francisco. No they're not going there to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Room -– it's time for Outside Lands 2013! Now of course people are excited for Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Nine Inch Nails, and that guy from Wings. But don't stop there, because… More »

Sponsored: 10 Fashion Trends That Ruled Lollapalooza 2013 + Win A $150 Converse Gift Card

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / August 6, 2013
Lolla fest style, in some ways, mirrors other fest styles: ill-advised headdresses, giant circle hats, teeny-tiny shorts, all variances of neon. In other ways, though, this year's annual fete in Chicago was tethered to the bands that played -- whether the slew of goths, old and new, repping proto-goths the Cure, or the 19… More »

The 10 Best Things At Lollapalooza 2013

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / August 5, 2013
It's hard to remember a time when Lollapalooza, the festival, was not part of American pop culture, and since the last time it landed stateside, it's expanded to include stops in Santiago, Chile and Sao Paolo, Brazil. Perry Farrell's '90s tour-baby turned Grant Park-engulfing massive brodown is a global institution, and though at this point… More »

Drive-By Truckers Albums From Worst To Best

By James Jackson Toth / August 2, 2013
Drive-By Truckers are perhaps the greatest extant American rock and roll band. Make the competition a little stiffer by expanding the criteria to bands no longer active -- the Velvet Underground, Big Star, Sonic Youth -- and they still make the top ten. More »

The 10 Best Bloc Party Songs

By Ryan Reed / August 1, 2013
Back in 2005, the year of their stellar debut album, Silent Alarm, Bloc Party truly felt invincible. The British quartet wrangled explosive melodrama from the simplest of rock 'n' roll tools: the crossfire guitars of Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack, the caffeinated rhythmic thrust of bassist Gordon Moakes and drummer Matt Tong, and Okereke's snotty,… More »

The Black Market: The Month In Metal – July 2013

By Michael Nelson / July 30, 2013
I was in high school the first time I saw Carcass live, in 1992, on the Gods Of Grind Tour, when they were playing American clubs with Entombed, Cathedral, and Confessor. Carcass were touring behind their 1991 LP, Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious, which is now recognized as one of the best heavy metal albums ever… More »

Bruce Springsteen Albums From Worst To Best

By Ryan Leas / July 26, 2013
As I began the writing, listening, and reading for this list, I started to think about a weird quality of Bruce Springsteen's catalogue that I hadn't previously considered. For someone I've grown up knowing as an already well-established icon, it's surprising to look at his body of work and realize the bizarre patterns within: it'… More »

The 10 Best Shins Songs

By John Everhart / July 25, 2013
The Shins were one of the preeminent pop acts of the '00s, often mentioned as flirting with becoming their decade's version of R.E.M. or Pavement. Frontman James Mercer began the writing of the band's 2001 classic Oh, Inverted World in earnest as far back as 1997 -- while his primary band was still Albuquerque, NM'… More »

The 10 Best Things At Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

By Claire Lobenfeld / July 22, 2013
This past weekend, Chicago's Union Park played host to Pitchfork Music Festival. The two-and-a-half-day event was packed tight with performances from the indiesphere's current marquee artists and its icons. But it wasn't just music -- there was also a large fair offering crafts, handmade wares, and records; a mini-festival of print posters (a lust item… More »

Peter Gabriel Albums From Worst To Best

By Ryan Reed / July 19, 2013
Peter Gabriel is a pop enigma. For a guy with so many ubiquitous hits, he's never even pretended to play ball with radio. And his occasional brushes with the mainstream? Mostly accidental: "Sledgehammer," the British singer-songwriter-producer's global smash single, was an Otis Redding homage recorded as a post-session afterthought; that track's iconic stop-motion music video… More »

The 10 Best Townes Van Zandt Songs

Townes Van Zandt, the elegant Texas troubadour who authored some of the finest songs ever written over the course of his 52 troubled years, was always quick to make it known that he was very much in on the cruel joke of his destiny. During a checkered, if frequently brilliant, recording career -- often derailed… More »

Blonde Redhead Albums From Worst To Best

By Claire Lobenfeld / July 12, 2013
If you Google "Kazu Makino interview," the first thing that pops up is a YouTube video of the Blonde Redhead guitarist-singer talking about how she doubts her own existence. "I often have a hard time feeling like I'm alive," Makino says. "I often feel a little bit detached or quite separated from everything else… More »

The 10 Best Beach House Songs

By John Everhart / July 10, 2013
Baltimore’s Beach House are perhaps the most unlikely indie success story of the past few years. They play the game by their own rules, turning down high profile tour slots and TV advertisements, and often book small gigs not closely commensurate with their popularity. More »

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