When dealing with any individual possessing the sheer magnitude of Bob Dylan -- a figure utterly massive in terms of talent, mythology and self-regard -- it becomes difficult to speak to his "lesser"…   Read Story »
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Elliott Smith was born on August 6, 1969, and thus, August is Elliott Smith Month, according to his onetime label, Kill Rock Stars. To celebrate, KRS has been generously offering fans alternate…   Read Story »
Following the 1994 split of the celebrated Uncle Tupelo, the betting line amongst fans and critics alike held that between Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar -- the band's two major principals -- it was the…   Read Story »
I never should have signed up for this. Volunteered, even. It doesn't matter what criteria you apply or artificial boundaries you create to make the task easier, there's no way to pick 10 songs from…   Read Story »
Last month, Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, released her first single since 2006, "Ruin." The track comes from her forthcoming Matador long-player, Sun, which is Marshall's first album of entirely…   Read Story »
Tapping the taboo appeal of physicality is nothing new -- there's a long history of using nudity to move product. The music business, like any business, is no exception. If a well-placed buttock gets…   Read Story »
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