I've known guys like this, and you probably have, too: Charismatic dirtbags, greasy-faced self-destructive party machines, guys who are really fun to have around until they start stealing your stuff.…   Read Story »
The Atlanta rapper Casino is brothers with Future, the reigning king commercially accessible, emotionally resonant Auto-Tune burps. This, in itself, is not a good enough reason to pay attention to…   Read Story »
When was the last time you thought about baile funk? The genre had its cultural moment about a decade ago when a young Diplo, on assignment for the FADER, traveled to Brazil and wrote about the…   Read Story »
How old is Tree? Do we even know? He certainly looks like a young man, but the Chicago rapper/producer has a voice like a gnarled, twisted, tougher-than-iron tree limb. He sounds like an 80-year-old…   Read Story »
When rap weirdos go off the deep end, they generally don't come back. Consider, for example, Kool Keith, a transformative figure when he first emerged with the Ultramagnetic MCs and a deity within…   Read Story »
For the past year or two, the cool dance-music subgenre among music-critic types has been Chicago footwork -- a bizarre and organic homegrown house-music tributary where the berserk hi-hats seems…   Read Story »
When Ghostface Killah snarled, on "The Champ," about those "stuck on 'Laffy Taffy,'" he was not alone. A certain breed of self-serious rap fan looked at the butt-centric novelty hit, a genuine…   Read Story »
For me, and for a lot of other people, Kanye West's Yeezus was the rap album of the year -- and the album of the year, period. But general consensus says that the biggest problem with Yeezus as a rap…   Read Story »
I didn't write this week's Album Of The Week piece on R. Kelly's Black Panties, but I agreed. And here's why: For all the obvious hilarity at work, and all the smooth craftsmanship, there's an honest…   Read Story »
Lil Bibby might have the world's least intimidating rap name. It evokes the following things: Smallness, actual babies, and journeyman NBA point guard Mike Bibby, who had a nice run with the…   Read Story »