For me, and for a lot of other people, Kanye West's Yeezus was the rap album of the year -- and the album of the year, period. But general consensus says that the biggest problem with Yeezus as a rap…   Read Story »
I didn't write this week's Album Of The Week piece on R. Kelly's Black Panties, but I agreed. And here's why: For all the obvious hilarity at work, and all the smooth craftsmanship, there's an honest…   Read Story »
Lil Bibby might have the world's least intimidating rap name. It evokes the following things: Smallness, actual babies, and journeyman NBA point guard Mike Bibby, who had a nice run with the…   Read Story »
Atlanta still makes rap groups. You don't hear too much about rap groups anymore, since the genre, at its highest levels has progressed toward a winner-take-all solo-stardom model, and since nobody…   Read Story »
Last week Death Grips dropped a new album out of nowhere -- a really good new album -- but considering it's a spontaneous digital, free release, we decided it fit better in MOTW than AOTW (plus we…   Read Story »
Can you imagine SpaceGhostPurrp's face when he first heard "Murder On My Mind"? I can't, since I'm not entirely sure what SpaceGhostPurrp looks like. But SGP has built a career by digging deep into,…   Read Story »
Whether you love his whole thing or whether you're hopelessly, painfully confused by it, Lil B is, in 2013, a tremendously important rapper, a transformative figure in the internet-rap underground.…   Read Story »
"Vic Mensa" is a terrible rap name. The young Chicagoan rapper actually has the name Victor Mensah on his birth certificate, which lessens the blow a bit. But the name still rankles; it's like if I…   Read Story »
Chicago teenage-nihilist-rap fatigue is a very real thing. Last year, in this space, I recommended Lil Reese's hard-as-hell tape Don't Like, shortly before a video of Reese beating the shit out of a…   Read Story »
If Cut 4 Me, the first mixtape from the D.C-born and L.A.-based singer Kelela, worked as a simple production showcase for the various names associated with the dance label Fade To Mind, it would be…   Read Story »