As far as I can tell, the three most interesting things about the Spanish Harlem rapper Bodega Bamz are as follows: His nicely sculpted beard, his vague A$AP Mob affiliation, and his name, the last…   Read Story »
The ancestral Oakland pimp-rapper Too Short is arguably one of the, let's say, 10 people in history who have had the most impact on rap music. His trajectory -- hand-to-hand cassette sales to…   Read Story »
Earlier this week, for about half an hour, Gucci Mane officially changed his name to Guwop, announcing the change on his Twitter: "Thanks Fans, for 8 years as Gucci now it's Wop turn." It didn't last…   Read Story »
Young Thug has probably the most generic rap name imaginable; it's like a character that Finesse Mitchell would've played on a halfassed SNL skit in 2005. When you see a name like that, you imagine…   Read Story »
Real talk: There have been more good mixtapes than good albums in 2013. I don't know that there's been a single out-and-out classic, but every week I have to make a seriously difficult decision when…   Read Story »
Pusha T's new Wrath Of Caine mixtape is a cold, impressively clinical thing. Its straight-faced drug raps might be a few qualitative steps up from everything else Pusha's done in the last couple of…   Read Story »
Over the last couple of years, New York's resurgent rap underground has hit upon a couple of winning strategies to find relevance: Be a weirdo, and pretend the '90s never ended. Those two principles…   Read Story »
The New York rapper Le1f delivers all of his lines in a quasi-mumbly back-of-the-throat snarlpurr, to the point where it can be tough to tell what he's saying. But on first listen to his new tape Fly…   Read Story »
If you grew up in the '90s, loving Wu-Tang or Cypress Hill or the Beatnuts or the Fugees, you probably had a "wait, what?" moment with Master P. I remember mine vividly: One night in 1997, at the…   Read Story »
Future sneaks up on you. Way back in April, when he released his debut album Pluto, I enjoyed it, all its beeps and croaks and Auto-Tuned wails. But I never seriously considered naming it Album Of…   Read Story »