Shy Glizzy wants you to know that he is not Wale. On his song "I Am DC," Glizzy throws a few shots at the more prominent rappers who claim his hometown: "These niggas ain't from my city, don't…   Read Story »
[Note: Tom has asked me to column-sit while he's in Sweden and I'm totally going to observe the pretty lax practices he's been exercising here lately regarding release dates and coverage date. I'm…   Read Story »
I don't like admitting this, but Roach Gigz used to give me headaches. When the San Francisco rapper first got internet attention for his first Roachy Balboa mixtape three years ago, just about every…   Read Story »
In the grand tradition of Iamsu! & Problem's Million Dollar Afro and Rich Homie Quan's Still Goin In Reloaded, here's another column about a mixtape that didn't come out in the past seven days, one…   Read Story »
This was a slow week in the mixtape universe. The two best rap full-lengths (two best full-lengths in any genre, really) were actual official albums: Ka's The Night's Gambit and Kevin Gates's…   Read Story »
Another week, another pretty great mixtape of horny, spacey California R&B. And why not? The stuff sounds great in summertime, existing specifically to soundtrack sunlit top-down cruises and…   Read Story »
On Monday afternoon, within a couple of hours of each other, two mixtapes from highly-touted coastal musicians with dollar-signs in their names hit the internet. Both have vaguely seasonal titles,…   Read Story »
A quick programming note: El-P and Killer Mike's Run The Jewels is out now, and it is a monster. The music I usually consider for this column is the music that's out there for legal free download,…   Read Story »
A couple of days ago, when I was writing about Yeezus, I was bathing in that album, thinking about it for days on end, playing it front-to-back on repeat for hours. Yeezus is a great album, but it's…   Read Story »
Tyga is not an especially good rapper by any metric, but he still made my favorite single of last year, in any genre, with "Rack City." That track seems to hover in space. Its evil wobbling…   Read Story »