A couple of days ago, when I was writing about Yeezus, I was bathing in that album, thinking about it for days on end, playing it front-to-back on repeat for hours. Yeezus is a great album, but it's…   Read Story »
Tyga is not an especially good rapper by any metric, but he still made my favorite single of last year, in any genre, with "Rack City." That track seems to hover in space. Its evil wobbling…   Read Story »
When I think about Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire's output, more often than not, the thing that strikes me as most distinctly impressive is his lyrics. For eX, storytelling with a thesaurus-like grasp of…   Read Story »
The Chicago rapper/producer Tree calls his style "soul-trap," and that's a better genre descriptor than a critic nerd like me could come up with. Seen from a certain angle, Tree is an inheritor to…   Read Story »
The-Dream has a knack for pulling out a variety of things from the artists he works with. Just today, Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland released a Dream-produced track, "Dirty Laundry," recounting…   Read Story »
In the mid-'90s, when I was in high school, the German label Crypt Records had cornered the market on the sleazy, knuckedragging, oilstained-bowling-shirt garage rock that was all over the American…   Read Story »
Chance The Rapper is going to irritate the shit out of a lot of people. This is unavoidable. His voice is a pitched-up puberty-squeak, cracking and cackling and warbling all over tracks, never quite…   Read Story »
A$AP Rocky's "1 Train" is probably the year's most self-consciously cool rap song -- seven boldfaced blog-rap names, painstakingly assembled and sequenced, all attempting to outdo each other with…   Read Story »
Once upon a time, people hated Cassie. In 2006, she was a 19-year-old model-turned-singer whose big single, "Me & U," may or may not have been about blowjobs. After a couple of notoriously bad TV…   Read Story »
I had a strange realization the other day: I was getting ready to write a Mixtape Of The Week piece about Casino, Future's brother, and his Ex Drug Dealer tape, which I like OK but which I was just…   Read Story »