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The first time I heard "Pineapple Juniors" in the very beginning of 2013, it was crystal clear that Ryan DeRobertis gave zero fucks about what people expected, even when he was starting from the…   Read Story »
Today Kele Okereke drops the second single off his sophomore solo album, Trick, to be released this October. The former lead singer of Bloc Party went solo in 2010 when he released The Boxer, and he…   Read Story »
Deptford Goth is the glowy experimental-pop brainchild of UK musician Daniel Woolhouse. Last year, he released Life After Defo, an album ridden with heavy synth-pop and soaring soundscapes. "The…   Read Story »
Kimbra is gearing up for the release of her second album, and the songs we've heard so far have run the gamut from the gloriously weird "90s Music" to the funky "Love In High Places" and slinky…   Read Story »
Tom Petty has said his new album with the Heartbreakers is going to be "a straight hard-rockin' record, from beginning to end," and from what we've heard -- "Fault Lines," "U Get Me High," "Red…   Read Story »
Full disclosure: This was recorded at my college radio station where I worked for four years, but I had nothing to do with setting this up, so let's proceed. You Blew It! recently stopped by the…   Read Story »
Eliot Krimsky and Michael Johnson have been making music as Glass Ghost since the late 2000s, but they've slowed down lately for understandable reasons. Johnson is the drummer for Dirty Projectors…   Read Story »
Late last year, Madlib released the beat album Rock Konducta Pt. 1, with the promise that a Pt. 2 was on the way. Now we've gotten word that it indeed is, along with a definitive version of the full…   Read Story »
Last year, CT band Ovlov released their debut album, AM, and while there's no word yet on a follow-up, they've just put out a new song for a split single with Philly's Little Big League. Ovlov have a…   Read Story »
Being labeled as "dream pop" too early in an artist's career can be a death knell, at least ever since the genre reached its saturation point a few years ago, so when I say that Mitski's beautiful…   Read Story »