Despite the comparisons (blame the one sheet), Olympia's Gun Outfit sound much more like Some Velvet Sidewalk (or, really, King Kong) than Dinosaur: Their straight-ahead, bass-free punk-inflected…   Read Story »
San Diego BTW Crocodiles evoke Jesus & Mary Chain, VU, and the Spacemen 3 with their stripped-down, dark noise-pop, but the duo is one of our favorite new bands because they write super songs, not…   Read Story »
The Boston trio Pretty & Nice construct pop spectacles with guitars, drums, and various electronics. You could mention of Montreal in passing on "Piranha" or "Peekaboo," etc., but more interestingly,…   Read Story »
A ways back I did a post about the Welcome Wagon's cover of the Smiths' "Half A Person" from their debut album Welcome To The Welcome Wagon. The band's essentially the betrothed duo of Reverend…   Read Story »
Brooklyn BTW Olga Bell has a new single out in March via twosyllable (7"/digital) and a number of shows at SXSW, but between band activities, she also has piano lessons to teach. A bunch of them. Her…   Read Story »
In February, New York BTW the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are releasing their self-titled full-length collection of jangly, noisy indie pop on the most fitting of labels, Slumberland. We recently…   Read Story »
In this special Thanksgiving installment of Quit Your Day Job, Frankie Rose and I talk a lot about drinks. When not bartending at Great Jones Cafe in New York City the ex-Vivian Girl plays stand-up…   Read Story »
Ross Flournoy, the Memphis-born lead vocalist and guitarist for the Samuel Beckett referencing (I Can't Go On, I'll Go On) Los Angeles pop quartet the Broken West, writes and records soundtracks for…   Read Story »
The Dead C are longtime musical heroes of mine. The trio formed in Dunedin, New Zealand way back in 1986. Next to Harry Pussy, no band was as important to me when I was developing a taste for noise.…   Read Story »
Eric Pulido plays guitar in Midlake: The Texas band, who last released The Trials of Van Occupanther two years ago, are currently at work on a followup in their Denton studio. Pulido also stays busy…   Read Story »