Fucked Up are one of my favorites. From their occasionally bloody, always ecstatic live shows and smart-ass/smart politics to the fist-pumpers packed onto Hidden World and the charged,…   Read Story »
The Acorn are like a weird combo of Sufjan Stevens and Poi Dog Pondering. Trust me on this. The Ottawa band's second full-length Glory Hope Mountain is based on frontman Rolf Klausener's mother,…   Read Story »
We posted last week about Portland singer-songwriter Laura Veirs offering music lessons out of her Oregon home. Anyone sign up yet? (Me, I'm sorta hoping the "I like turtles" zombie kid throws his…   Read Story »
Appropriately monikered Thanksgiving-week BTW Clipd Beaks are one of my favorite recent listens: A Drum's Not Dead/Liars atmosphere shattered against a more smart ass post-no wave sensibility. The…   Read Story »
Bodies Of Water's spiraling, gospel-tinged gold sounds have been in heavy rotation around here for a few months. From "It Is Familiar" and "These Are the Eyes" (posted here), through the summery…   Read Story »
We've given Division Day a bit of coverage for covering other people's songs -- Roxy Music and Sponge, Depeche Mode, and Sunny Day Real Estate, among others. It's not that they're an official cover…   Read Story »
This past summer Yeasayer's kid-choired "2080" made a lot of noise, oiling a few hype machines, but the quartet took their sweet old time releasing a proper debut. (I remember researching a piece on…   Read Story »
Considering the time L.A. sextet West Indian Girl spend talking about water on 4th & Wall, I was figuring at least one of them worked as a lifeguard or marine biologist ... synchronized swimmer?…   Read Story »
We've already spoken a couple times about the thrilling kitchen-sink noise-pop of L.A.-based Band To Watch HEALTH. So far, though, no real word on the guys' current employment status. Turns out…   Read Story »
NY/SF duo Magik Markers have been a live favorite for a long while. After dropping a member and releasing the excellent Lee Ranaldo-produced BOSS, vocalist/guitarist Elisa Ambrogio and ten-men-in-one…   Read Story »