Twas the Shut Up, Dude before Christmas when all through the blog not a reader was trolling not even RubJohn. This week D'Angelo messed up our Best Albums Of 2014 list, but his surprise LP doesn't…   Read Story »
ICYMI, our 50 Best Albums and 70 Favorite Songs year-end lists are up. Although now it looks like a new D'Angelo album is out next week? Thanks a lot, D'Angelo. Make your own lists if you haven't…   Read Story »
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This week we looked at 26 bands from the NYC rock resurgence of the '00s (i.e., the bands that were cool when I started this blog 75 years ago). Meanwhile, several bands that were popular 20 years…   Read Story »
Eminem wants to punch Lana Del Rey in the face and Azealia Banks wants to punch Disclosure in the face. Lorde wants Diplo to do something about his tiny penis and Run The Jewels wants Sun Kil Moon to…   Read Story »
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Now we got problems.
 And I don't think we can solve them.
 You made a really deep cut.
 And baby, now we got bad blood. -Swift Your best and worst comments of the week, about 1989 and other…   Read Story »
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