Happy Halloween! Is your musician costume ready? Do you need a last-minute idea? If you have a Cubs jersey you can be Sad Jack White. Or you can go as Sia and have your back to everyone all night. Um…   Read Story »
Now we got problems.
 And I don't think we can solve them.
 You made a really deep cut.
 And baby, now we got bad blood. -Swift Your best and worst comments of the week, about 1989 and other…   Read Story »
Better late than never, it's time for this week's best and worst comments aka a welcome break from reading about Foo Fighters. Here's what you guys had to say about Ariel Pink, Grimes, Snoop Dogg,…   Read Story »
It was an emotional week: Crystal Castles broke up, Sun Kil Moon released a diss track, Grimes taught us about being a boss, and Lorde was outed as a middle-aged transgender geologist. Chris and I…   Read Story »
This thing between Sun Kil Moon and the War On Drugs isn't a feud so much as cyberbullying. Adam Granduciel hasn't said anything other than initially asking what was going on and expressing some mild…   Read Story »
When Thom Yorke tweeted that mystery record on Sunday I don't think any of us expected an Eraser followup this week. Even though Radiohead "pulled a Beyoncé" long before Beyoncé did, I was prepared…   Read Story »
There's a great movie out called The Skeleton Twins. It stars Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig as suicidal siblings, but it's much funnier than that sounds. When I saw a test screening last year, the most…   Read Story »
Grimes made an album that sucked and scrapped it. U2 made an album that sucked and snuck it into your iTunes. And as for albums that don't suck, Arcade Fire's Funeral turns ten years old tomorrow.…   Read Story »
We won't have an Anniversary post on it, but Sugar's superb power-pop swan song File Under: Easy Listening turns 20 years old tomorrow. How cool is it to see Bob Mould, 35 years into his career,…   Read Story »
This week Kate Bush returned to the stage after 35 years, Blood Brothers reunited at FYF, and Buster Poindexter joined Arcade Fire. Grimes released a great new video (but not an ice bucket video). We…   Read Story »