The Reflektors are in town for a few shows at Barclays Center, so we asked you to tell us (and them) which Brooklyn act they should cover. Most likely they'll do Velvet Underground or Talking Heads…   Read Story »
... THIS WEEK'S 10 HIGHEST RATED COMMENTS #10 world_on_a_string | Aug 10th Score:19 That’s something my mom would say… Posted in: Shut Up, Dude: This Week's…   Read Story »
This week's Shut Up, Dude comes later than usual because I'm at Outside Lands. First day highlights included Run The Jewels, Disclosure, Mikal Cronin, Kacey Musgraves, and Kanye West, though it was…   Read Story »
This week's newsmakers included Beck, who had Jack White jam with him in Providence, got Jeff Tweedy and Jarvis Cocker to interpret his sheet music, and asked Stephen Colbert to give him a hug. His…   Read Story »
On Tuesday night, Jack White took in a Cubs-Padres game as part of a three-ballparks-in-three-nights promo and probably had a fine time. But he also made the mistake of showing a range of human…   Read Story »
Shut Up, Dude is coming a little early today because I'm at Forecastle (aka the Pitchfork Festival of Kentucky). It's got OutKast, the Replacements, Slint, and plenty of bands that aren't just…   Read Story »
Last Friday was a federal holiday so there was no Shut Up, Dude. But I don't wanna leave last week's winners and losers hanging, so below we've got the highest and lowest rated comments from 6/27-7/3…   Read Story »
This week we launched our Song Of The Summer poll, which pissed off many of you because it did not include the songs you wanted on the ballot. But here's the thing: the concept of Song Of The Summer…   Read Story »
ICYMI, this week we ranked the 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far. It's a difficult exercise, and Lazaretto fans will insist we did it wrong, but hopefully it turned you on to some albums you may have…   Read Story »
We're still a few days away from the official release of Ultraviolence, but if you've already heard it, you're probably surprised at how good it is. As Tom wrote, "Ultraviolence is a gorgeous,…   Read Story »