You know it's a slow news week when one of our most discussed articles is about typography. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, since you guys are so design-minded. Remember the Stereogum comments meme…   Read Story »
It was pretty toasty this week, with temperatures reaching like, 140°? 150°? It's the type of week that makes me wish the Stereogum office had working air conditioning. (We have three desk fans,…   Read Story »
Since there was no Shut Up, Dude during the holiday break, I was going to make last week's comments eligible for this installment. But then the whole list would be dominated by responses to EW's 100…   Read Story »
What an exciting week to end the month! SCOTUS struck down DOMA. Wendy Davis filibustered to block a Texas abortion ban. Run The Jewels. We have a lot to celebrate. But first, let's take a look back…   Read Story »
It's officially summer and we're asking you to pick the season's defining jam. The poll officially launched yesterday and you can vote here. This week also saw our most-discussed Premature Evaluation…   Read Story »
If you've found Yeezus, join our ongoing Comment Party, and feel free to revisit our song of the summer kick-off to nominate a song from the album. Amrit and I are at Bonnaroo this weekend, and you…   Read Story »
This week's most discussed story was our list of the Top 25 Albums Of 2013 So Far. What an almost half of a year it's been! We're giving one of you the top 10 from our list on vinyl, so if you…   Read Story »
Big week for heavy music on the 'Gum. Our Premature Evaluation of Deafheaven's Sunbather was the week's most discussed post, Kylesa's Ultraviolet was our Album Of The Week, we streamed A Pregnant…   Read Story »
One week ago, Kanye premiered Yeezus's ferocious "New Slaves" by projecting his face onto buildings throughout the world. (He performed it the next day on SNL, too.) It was the best video of the week…   Read Story »
This was the week we finally got to hear Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. As hosts of the album's official launch party, the town of Wee Waa, Australia was especially excited. We also had a party…   Read Story »