This was the week we finally got to hear Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. As hosts of the album's official launch party, the town of Wee Waa, Australia was especially excited. We also had a party…   Read Story »
It's Friday, the weather is finally nice, and we have a lot of great new albums to get more familiar with, namely the National's Trouble Will Find Me, Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires Of The City,…   Read Story »
Welcome back Neutral Milk Hotel! The E6 heroes have only announced a few fall tour dates, but more are coming. Which is good, because tickets sold out immediately and are pretty pricey on eBay.…   Read Story »
Here at Stereogum, in addition to bringing you all the latest Steve Buscemi viral videos, we present weekly longer form features to keep you entertained while you're procrastinating at work. Here's…   Read Story »
Along with a glimpse of Daft Punk's new suits and song titles, this week we finally got to hear "Get Lucky." Expectations for the full track couldn't have been higher and some of you were…   Read Story »
Coachella is here! And comment voting is back! Two reasons to celebrate for sure. Back in my day, Coachella was only one weekend, and bottled water was only a nickel. If you're in Indio, don't forget…   Read Story »
It's Friday and our comment voting plug-in is still on the fritz. We should have a replacement up and running soon, though. For now we'll have to consider every comment made this week to be the best,…   Read Story »
This week you guys offered a lot of insightful discourse while knowing full well your fellow readers could not validate you with a THUMBS UP or DOWN. Yes, our comment rating tools are still missing…   Read Story »
If you visited here Wednesday afternoon you saw all the post copy on the site replaced with 0s. That was not intentional. It was a malware attack. We've since fixed it, but had to disable comment…   Read Story »
This week's Shut Up, Dude comes to you from SXSW, where bands and brands play nice (mostly) for a marathon of free music and open bar. Stereogum's annual Range Life event goes down in a few hours at…   Read Story »