It's Amrit Singh's last day at He's going to Work For Diddy! Amrit was the first writer I hired for Stereogum many years ago, and he quickly became an invaluable part of the operation.…   Read Story »
It was another week of controversy, in which Death Grips bailed on Lolla, Daft Punk cancelled Colbert, and Jack White didn't want to be anywhere near Dan Auerbach. On a lighter note we celebrated 10…   Read Story »
I first became aware of Gabe Delahaye's writing with this Sufjan erotica 7 years ago. I asked him to contribute some features for Stereogum and he delivered Modest Mouse and Tori Amos fanfic that,…   Read Story »
You know it's a slow news week when one of our most discussed articles is about typography. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, since you guys are so design-minded. Remember the Stereogum comments meme…   Read Story »
It was pretty toasty this week, with temperatures reaching like, 140°? 150°? It's the type of week that makes me wish the Stereogum office had working air conditioning. (We have three desk fans,…   Read Story »
Since there was no Shut Up, Dude during the holiday break, I was going to make last week's comments eligible for this installment. But then the whole list would be dominated by responses to EW's 100…   Read Story »
What an exciting week to end the month! SCOTUS struck down DOMA. Wendy Davis filibustered to block a Texas abortion ban. Run The Jewels. We have a lot to celebrate. But first, let's take a look back…   Read Story »
It's officially summer and we're asking you to pick the season's defining jam. The poll officially launched yesterday and you can vote here. This week also saw our most-discussed Premature Evaluation…   Read Story »
If you've found Yeezus, join our ongoing Comment Party, and feel free to revisit our song of the summer kick-off to nominate a song from the album. Amrit and I are at Bonnaroo this weekend, and you…   Read Story »
This week's most discussed story was our list of the Top 25 Albums Of 2013 So Far. What an almost half of a year it's been! We're giving one of you the top 10 from our list on vinyl, so if you…   Read Story »