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You don't need a calendar to know the year is wrapping up -- just look at all these lists! Stereogum celebrated its fifth birthday this month, our sister site Videogum took its first steps earlier…   Read Story »
The year is wrapping up and it's time to celebrate: Stereogum had its fifth birthday this month, our sister site Videogum took its first steps earlier this year, and we've all been casting votes for…   Read Story »
By opening the polls yesterday to the most important vote of 2008, we understandably set off a firestorm of doubt, unrest, and confusion: Best Video Of The Year? But who remembers all the videos?…   Read Story »
Now that it's almost December, you've no doubt been thinking about the best entertainment offerings of the year. You also probably haven't cast a vote for anything in weeks! So now is a perfect time…   Read Story »
Finally, a list you'll hopefully enjoy -- after all, you made it. This year's Gummy voters came out in record numbers, meaning more statistically sound results than ever (the album rankings surer,…   Read Story »
Well it's come down to this. It's our own private Iowa and our election day, all rolled into one: The next 24 hours are the last you'll have to nominate (i.e. vote) in this year's Gummy Awards. (Look…   Read Story »
We just opened voting for the 2007 Gummys a few days ago, and already we're on our way to a record turnout. So as you prep for food coma and since it is the season, we just wanted to pause to say:…   Read Story »
It's that colder, darker time of year when we ask Stereogum readers to determine the best records and bands from the past twelve months. You may remember most of these categories from the 2006…   Read Story »
WELCOME2007 WINNERS2006 WinnersCOMMENTS Glad you guys could join us for this, the presentation of the 25th annual Gummy Awards! We promise we'll keep this thing under three hours (har). It's time…   Read Story »
Welcome to the 17th Annual Gummys. Once again Stereogum invites you to collectively determine the best albums of the year. This time we're calling the thing The Gummy Awards instead of last year's…   Read Story »