Atlanta sludge-metal outfit Mastodon have some new merch for sale, including a Thanksgiving t-shirt that some are claiming is racist. The tee highlights the atrocities of American colonialism by…   Read Story »
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Putting together her great 2012 EP True, the EP that turned her into an indie sensation, Solange Knowles worked closely with Dev Hynes, who records as Blood Orange. Hynes worked as a producer,…   Read Story »
Aside from the fact that it has thus far produced only two new songs instead of a whole new album, the Blur reunion has more or less been a resounding success for more than a year now. But this past…   Read Story »
The Beastie Boys have always been vocal about their refusal to license their music for TV commercials, but I'd thought they'd made an exception for the Princess Machine, a girls' toy that puts big…   Read Story »
In his recent conversation on Bret Easton Ellis's podcast, Kanye West took a moment to say some unkind things about Zappos, the massive online shoe retailer: "I got into this giant argument with the…   Read Story »
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In its new year-end issue, GQ names Kendrick Lamar as one of its Men of the Year and features a Kendrick profile from the writer Steve Marsh. The profile says a lot of nice things about Kendrick, but…   Read Story »