Pet Symmetry – “Give Thanks (Get Lost)”

By Tom Breihan / February 20, 2015
As the frontman of the Chicago band Into It. Over It., Evan Weiss is right at the forefront of the still-raging emo revival. And like all good emo frontmen, he holds down a generous handful of side projects. One of those is the trio Pet Symmetry, which features members of Kittyhawk and Dowsing. And if… More »

Kim Gordon – “Close Your Eyes”

By Tom Breihan / February 20, 2015
Kim Gordon, once of Sonic Youth, will publish her much-anticipated memoir Girl In A Band on Tuesday, and we already know that the book has some cold words for Courtney Love, Billy Corgan, Lana Del Rey, and, of course, Gordon's ex-husband Thurston Moore. We did now, however, know that Gordon was working… More »

Scarlett Johansson, Este Haim, Holly Miranda Debut Grimes-Inspired Supergroup The Singles

By Chris DeVille / February 20, 2015
Our Scarlett Johansson tag archive is truly fascinating, including New Order and Serge Gainsbourg covers, collaborations with everyone from the Jesus And Mary Chain to Dean Martin, and a game of charades with Drake. Here's one more unexpected entry: The movie star has teamed with Este Haim, Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris, and Julia Haltiga… More »

Gang Of Four – “Stranded”

By Tom Breihan / February 20, 2015
Postpunk originators Gang Of Four might be down to one original member, but that one original member is Andy Gill, whose slashing, mercilessly funky guitar style launched a few thousand imitators. The band's new album What Happens Next lands shortly, and we've heard their song "England's In My Bones," a team-up with the Kills'… More »

Win Win – “Waster”

By Caitlin White / February 20, 2015
Win Win previously released "Couch Paranoia," the A-side to their new digital 7-inch with Arts & Crafts, and today we get the B-side "Waster." It's feel-good, hand-clap-punctuated pop that encourages the sort of adolescent disregard for consequences that can only realistically last for those golden three minutes of bubblegum buzz. "Couch Paranoia" was weird,… More »

Andrea Balency – “Waterfalls”

By Caitlin White / February 20, 2015
Heartbeats. Synthy R&B production. Impossibly perfect, breathy vocals. Andrea Balency has it all, and sometimes she has it all in perfect French. (Balency's heritage is French and Mexican.) So you might be sick of atmospheric R&B that sounds like the aural version of an abstract painting, but you're going to have to listen to… More »

Red Sea – “Vacant Ring”

By Caitlin White / February 20, 2015
Red Sea is a great name for a band that splits the difference between jittery noise punk and artsy indie rock. I like to imagine the four band members striding through dry sand littered with seashells, wailing on their instruments as enormous walls of waves loom on either side. Biblical allusions aside, the Atlanta band… More »

Iamsu! – “Hella Good” (Feat. Tyga) (Stereogum Premiere)

By Collin Robinson / February 20, 2015
Richmond spitter Iamsu! is back just a week after dropping the DJ Mustard-produced "Nothin Less." That song was slightly mellower than what Iamsu! usually turns out, and it was good enough to be featured as one of the five deadly venoms in The Week In Rap. The Cali emcee continues on his divergent… More »

Hear Four Tet’s Shelved Remix Of Coldplay’s “Fix You”

By James Rettig / February 19, 2015
Jon Hopkins is the latest artist to get his own BBC Radio 1 Residency show, and tonight he broughout along Four Tet to serve as his co-host. While there, the producer shared a remix of Coldplay's "Fix You," that was apparently commissioned by the band and then later shelved. You can listen over on the… More »

Big Sean – “All Your Fault” (Feat. Kanye West)

By James Rettig / February 19, 2015
Tracks from Big Sean's upcoming new album, Dark Sky Paradise, have been coming out with increasing regularity as we get closer to the official release date. The next track to surface is "All Your Fault," the second Kanye West collaboration to grace the record following "One Man Can Change The World." (Kanye's verse o… More »

Beech Creeps – “Arm Of The T-Rex”

By Caitlin White / February 19, 2015
What would it sound like if a T-Rex diverted all its predatory energy away from stalking other, smaller dinosaurs through Jurassic Park and instead took up electric guitar? Probably something like Beech Creeps, a Brooklyn amalgam of members from People Get Ready, Yeasayer, Pterodactyl (yeah, another dinosaur cameo) and Knyfe Hyts. Vocalist Mark Shue howl… More »

Hear Kevin Morby Cover Bob Dylan, The Germs, & Silver Jews For Aquarium Drunkard

By Caitlin White / February 19, 2015
Kevin Morby has been a member of two of my favorite bands, Babies and Woods, but his solo work is just as compelling as any collaboration. In that vein, he did three incredible covers for Aquarium Drunkard prior to his upcoming week-long tour with Jessica Pratt. While he was at it, Morby also offered… More »

Brian Wilson – “The Right Time”

By Caitlin White / February 19, 2015
Brian Wilson's 11th solo album No Pier Pressure will be out in April, and tracks from the record are beginning to surface. The combination of Wilson and a lyric video might be a little incongruous, but here we are in 2015, where the former Beach Boys mastermind is in the studio with Kacey Musgrave… More »

Never Young – “Ur A Front”

By Gabriela Tully Claymore / February 19, 2015
Never Young hail from the Bay Area, a place that I can personally attest fosters a cultural environment that straight-up refuses to forget about the 1960s (if you disregard the massive influx of techies). That's okay, because bands coming out of the region do a tremendous job fusing a sense of psychedelia with an ever-evolving… More »

Galantis – “Gold Dust” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Collin Robinson / February 19, 2015
Swedish electro-pop duo Galantis released the infectious "Runaway (U & I)" last fall and gave it the visual treatment last month, the latest in a series of memorable videos including "Smile" and "You." Today, they're back with the enchanting single "Gold Dust." Lush grand piano chords and hazy vocals kick the track… More »

HSY – “Sally”

By Gabriela Tully Claymore / February 19, 2015
Toronto-based HSY craft the kind of noise that makes you want to grind your teeth or order a stake extra rare. The band displays a performative aggression that commands attention, whether or not you're inclined to give it. "Sally" is the A-Side of a 7" that HSY will release next month on Buzz Records, with… More »

Heems – “Home” (Feat. Dev Hynes)

By Chris DeVille / February 19, 2015
The release of Heems' Eat Pray Thug is rapidly approaching, but up until now we've only heard one song from the project, "Sometimes." A second song is out there now: "Home" is the Das Racist alum's collaboration with Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), and it turned out better than I could have imagined. Against the… More »

A. G. Cook – “Drop FM” (Feat. Hannah Diamond)

By James Rettig / February 19, 2015
First, some super exciting news if you happen to be a fan of the collective that took the music world by storm over the past year: PC Music have announced the details behind their official SXSW showcase, and it's their first live show that will feature pretty much everybody involved with the label. Hannah… More »

Dane Terry – “Kids” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Caitlin White / February 19, 2015
Dane Terry's voice warbles with the kind of warm uncertainty I've always loved in a vocalist. Hesitant in tone only, he plows through the cinematic landscape of "Kids" with the steady hand of a composer, eager to conduct the chromatic time warp back to childhood. This song lurches through Elton John balladry, psychedelic fuzziness, imposing… More »

Family Bike – “Idiot Boy” (Stereogum Premiere)

By James Rettig / February 19, 2015
Family Bike is the new project of long-time friends Karl Kuehn (who also heads up Museum Mouth) and drummer Taylor Haag, and they're getting ready to release their debut album, Everything You Own Is Anagrammed, in the spring. They're leading things off with "Idiot Boy," which Kuehn describes as a "song for a Germa… More »

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