You’d think that the Foo Fighters’ HBO show Sonic Highways and their recent week-long Letterman residence would be all the TV exposure the band needs. Apparently not! With their new album Sonic Highways on the way, the band are about to be the subject of a 60 Minutes piece with Anderson Cooper. Cooper caught up with the band as they played a secret show at the old-timey New Orleans jazz venue Preservation Hall and talked to him about why he’s doing this HBO thing. The episode airs Sunday night, and you can watch a preview here.

The entire universe, it seems, is ridiculously amped about the coming Sleater-Kinney reunion, and former glam-emo stars are no exception. Gerard Way, the onetime My Chemical Romance frontman who just launched a solo career with his Britpop-inspired album Hesitant Alien, played a CMJ show at New York’s Webster Hall last night. During his set, he covered Sleater-Kinney’s “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone,” the most anthemic song on their feverish 1996 album Call The Doctor. He really yelled the hell out of it, too, which is the only way to do it. (He’d actually done it in New Jersey the night before, too; maybe it’s just going to be a part of his setlist now.) Watch a fan-made video of the performance below.

Every once in a long while, Jimmy Kimmel Live gets a musical guest too big for its outdoor festival stage, and it has to throw up a stage in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard and wreck Los Angeles traffic for the day. That happened last night. Taylor Swift’s pop monolith 1989 looms ever closer, and she brought a massive backing band and a full complement of dancers with her to perform the early singles “Shake It Off” (complete with awkward choreography) and the great “Out Of The Woods.” She also did an interview on the show, telling a story about how Kimmel’s music booker kicked her out of the studio when she tried to score a blind audition 10 years ago. Watch the performances and the interview below.

Killer Mike and El-P are crushing, as Killer Mike and El-P are wont to do.

On a brisk, sunny Friday afternoon in San Francisco, the hip-hop duo known as Run The Jewels is on a giant stage in front of several thousand festival-goers at Golden Gate Park. Having entered to the triumphant strains of “We Are The Champions,” the veteran rappers are now setting about proving it. While trading rock-solid rhymes over concrete-shattering beats, they brush each other’s shoulders off. They deliver their bars with precision over DJ Trackstar’s drops and scratches — live vocals, none of the rapping along to a track that renders so many hip-hop shows messy facsimiles of fun.

Nobody else should release any new music today, now that RTJ2 is out there in the world. But people are doing it anyway, so we might as well post it. Foo Fighters have just shared the second song from their new album Sonic Highways, for which they recorded eight different songs in eight different cities. After the Chicago offering “Something From Nothing,” they’re giving us “The Feast And The Famine,” the D.C. installment. This one could be the closest one to Dave Grohl’s heart, since he grew up in the D.C. suburbs on a steady diet of the city’s hardcore. The band recorded this one at Inner Ear Studios, the Arlington, Virginia site where countless Dischord classics were created. And there’s a bit of Jawbox lurch in the song’s verses, at least before it explodes into a typically Foosian chorus. Grohl drops a few references to local geography into the lyrics, too. Listen below.

RTJ2, the second album from the Killer Mike/El-P rap juggernaut Run The Jewels, was not supposed to come out until Monday. But El suddenly dropped the free-download album, a legitimate contender for Album Of The Year, two hours ago, in the middle of the fucking effing night. (Maybe he wanted to make sure you’d get to hear it before Ebola overtakes New York?) The album pushes what these two were doing on their amazing self-titled debut even further, and it will absolutely hurt your brain from the opening seconds on. It is just a beast of a thing. We’ve posted the early songs “Blockbuster Night Part 1,” “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” and the Zack De La Rocha collab “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck).” And right now, you can, and absolutely should, download the whole thing right here.

UPDATE 10:15PM: Officials say Dr. Spencer attended only the Gutter, not Brooklyn Bowl as early reports suggested.

The Dr. Luke/Kesha situation is getting increasingly ugly, and now frequent Kesha collaborator Wayne Coyne has weighed in. As you may recall (and was detailed in Chris’ excellent timeline of their relationship), Coyne was working with Kesha on a collaborative album with the Flaming Lips for a long time, which was called Lip$ha, but was supposedly blocked from release by Dr. Luke. In a new interview with, here’s what Coyne had to say: