Experimental electronic producer Lee Bannon has teamed up with Charlie Benante, who is best known as the lead songwriter and drummer in the thrash metal band Anthrax, on a new drum ’n’ bass track. “RMF-3″ will be included on Bannon’s forthcoming Main/Flex EP. The early moments of the song feature the sampled voice of a child accompanied by the sound of flashbulbs along to a muted, ambient build. About a minute in, the track spits fire as it staggers toward something cosmic, accompanied by a sound that can only truly be likened to a fast-bouncing slinky or the hollow gurgle of Aphex Twin’s “Digeridoo.” Listen below.

Last year, DJ Paul, the former leader of the massively important Memphis rap collective Three 6 Mafia, reunited most of that group’s original lineup (everyone but co-leader Juicy J jumped on board) to form a new group called Da Mafia 6ix. 6ix Commandments, the mixtape they released last year, was a rowdy and chaotic and great tribute to the group’s anarchic early sound. And even though the death of group member Lord Infamous last year could’ve ended the project, Da Mafia 6ix is now back with a new mixtape called Hear Sum Evil. Past Three 6 collaborators like MJG, La Chat, Lil Wyte, Paul Wall, and Fiend make appearances. Check out the new tape below.

Arca previously linked up with the director Jesse Kanda for the ominous, staggering video for “Thievery,” a track from Arca’s forthcoming album Xen. And now Kanda has directed another video for a Xen track. The new clip for the lurching, staggering instrumental “Now You Know” starts out as a drone’s-eye-view of a nighttime cityscape, as fireworks explode all around it. Those fireworks, and everything else, are presumably CGI, since they flash right along with moments in the song, and since the laws of physics go out the window quickly. It’s a dense kaleidoscope of a video, and you can watch it below.

O-Face is the latest great band to come out of the Bard College music scene. They released their debut album Taste last month, and it’s a sweet-sounding collection of nervous and smart indie rock. It’s concerned with growing up and trying to fit in, or at least carving out a safe space in which you can find yourself. “O-Thang” is a highlight on the album and serves as a quasi-mission statement: “O-Face sits by himself but he can’t picture no one else/ He’s following all of his dreams or so, or so it seems/ O-Face, you’re looking glum, well crack another cold one/ You’re absent in all of our dreams or so, or so it seems.” The Halloween-themed video for the song is all about trying to recapture your youth: the band gets dressed up to go trick-or-treating, but when they get turned away from a house because they’re too old, they decide to rebel instead. They break pumpkins in a parking lot, toilet paper a house, go to a party, and drink a lot of beers. The video is shot in an unassuming but perceptive way by directing duo Free Throw. Watch below.

At this point we are all well aware that Dizzee Rascal puts out some hyper-stylized and weird, objectively “cool” music videos, like the one that we saw last year for “I Don’t Need A Reason.” However, his new video manages to exit the realm of the “weird and cool” and can instead be found categorized under the “supremely fucked up.” The video for “Couple Of Stacks” was directed by Emile Sornin, and is well-suited for a Halloween premiere — its content is so gory that it comes accompanied with a note of caution. Taking on exhausted horror movie tropes, Dizzee Rascal sneaks around a haunted mansion while brutally murdering its inhabitants in a variety of somewhat humorous, mostly disgusting ways. What I find to be particularly disturbing about the video is not so much the fact that these deaths are nausea-inducing (albeit slapstick), but rather, that every single person murdered in the video just so happens to be an attractive young woman. Oh, and two guys get some of their appendages chopped off. Maybe that’s just another horror movie trope that I’m looking too far into, but I doubt it. You can watch the video on Noisey.

It’s become so easy, of late, to think of U2 in international-corporation terms that it’s weirdly surprising to imagine them as human beings who listen to music sometimes. But in a new Rolling Stone story, both Bono and the Edge have a few words on younger bands. Bono, for instance, is all the way into Baltimore synthpop weirdos Future Islands, which means Bono has good taste: “Have you seen them? That song, ’Seasons’? A miracle, that is.” Yes, Bono! Yes, it is! I can’t wait for “The Miracle (Of Samuel T. Herring)” to open the next U2 album. Meanwhile, the Edge went to Coachella this year, and he spent enough time watching Neutral Milk Hotel to dismiss them as “strange hippie stuff.” Here’s what he says:

Spoon played The Daily Show in their hometown last night — the late-night program has relocated to Austin, Texas this week for South By South Mess, a special segment that they did in the run-up to this year’s midterm elections. The did three They Want My Soul songs: “Inside Out” on the show itself and “Do You” and “Rent I Pay” as web exclusives. Watch all of them below.

Chicago drill star Chief Keef isn’t going to let a little thing like being dropped from his label stop him. Today, Keef has two new mixtapes out in the world. We already knew he was readying Back From The Dead 2, the sequel to the 2012 mixtape that helped put Keef on the map. We already posted one track, the Gucci Mane collab “Paper,” but that turns out to be the only collaboration on the whole tape. Keef produced much of the tape himself, as well. But speaking of Gucci, it turns out that Keef has another mixtape out today as well: Big Gucci Sosa, a full-length collaborative tape with the incarcerated Gucci. This one is presumably all repurposed vault material, whereas Back From The Dead 2 is an all-new full-length statement. Still, two new Keef tapes! That is a bounty of material! Check out both of them below.