How To Dress Well’s Tom Krell has worked with his share of electronic producers (you might remember his appearance on Shlohmo’s Laid Out EP last year), and now he’s lent his fantastic voice to producer RL Grime’s upcoming debut album, Void, via the new song “Reminder.” The track debuted on Zane Lowe’s BBC show earlier today, so if you head there now and scroll ahead to about 43:00, you can check it out.

In their consistently fun videos, Team Spirit have gone to hell and back, and in this new one they once again meet the devil. Of course he looks different than the animated Satan from the last video, but then again, they all do. That’s because, for this Alex Russek-directed clip, Team Spirit worked with Andrea Gilletti to create puppet versions of the band to tell their story. Here they ponder how to become successful, before Satan shows up and offers some surprisingly friendly mentor-like advice. Watch it below.

Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi are best known for their band the Men — who already released a great album earlier this year — but they’ve got another project, the electronic-leaning Dream Police, with an album on the way. What does an electronic-minded project from some dudes in the Men end up sounding like? Based on the title track from their upcoming Hypnotized, it sounds like an ass-kicking rock band. Here Perro and Chiericozzi supplement their rough guitars with a Roland 707 drum machine and a Juno 106 synthesizer, which provide a heavy thump and a shrieking pierce, respectively. Throw in Perro’s vocals and you’ve got something that’s certainly leaner but no less fierce than their other band. Listen to it below.

Ryan Adams is having a pretty great year: His new self-titled LP is one of 2014′s highlights, and that was preceded by the excellent 1984, a punk/hardcore 10-song 7″ from his PAX-AM singles series. Today, we’ve got the next installment in that singles series, the “Jacksonville” 7″, which features three new songs: “Jacksonville” on the A-side b/w “I Keep Running” and “Walkedypants.” None of this material would fit on either of the aforementioned records; “Jacksonville” and “I Keep Running” have a rustic country feel; “Walkedypants” is a late-night blues goof. You’ll probably listen to “Walkedypants” once and never come back, but the other two are keepers. Check ’em out.

Red Hot’s Arthur Russell covers compilation has grown into an impressive and exciting release as star after star chimes in with their tributes to the late musician. We’ve heard Sufjan Stevens, Hot Chip, and most recently Robyn take on Russell’s music, and now it’s time for José González to step up. González covers “This Is How We Walk On The Moon,” which comes from Russell’s excellent posthumous 1994 album Another Thought. Listen to it below.

Back when spring was making way for summer, we introduced you to Brooklyn-based Mitski with “First Love / Late Spring,” a gorgeous track that’s still among the best of the year. It served as a preamble to the singer-songwriter’s new full-length, Bury Me At Makeout Creek, which comes out in November. “Townie” is the second offering from that album and it clips along with an oppressive urgency born out of frustration and rebellion. “I’m holding my breath with a baseball bat, though I don’t know what I’m waiting for/ I’m not gonna be what my daddy wants me to be.” The song is filled with violently beautiful metaphors, euphoric flashes of red: “I want a love that falls as fast as a body from the balcony, and I wanna kiss like my heart is chasing me down.” Mitski’s wonderful voice soars above walloping guitars, loud and vibrant, yet controlled and precise at the same time. Listen below.

The snarling, sincere, frequently-great Mississippi rapper/producer Big K.R.I.T. has released three mixtapes in his See Me On Top series, but the last one came out in 2008, before anyone outside Mississippi really knew who he was. Now that he’s a rising star, K.R.I.T. has rounded up many of his latest one-off tracks for the latest installment. The excellent single “MT. Olympus,” the Rick Ross collab “New Agenda,” and the remix of Alt-J’s “Every Other Freckle” all appear. The tape also features appearances from people like Juicy J and A$AP Ferg. Check out the tape below.

Krill opened this year ambitiously, stuffing an absurd meta-concept album into the brief EP Steve Hears Pile In Malden And Bursts Into Tears. Now they team with Ovlov, LVL UP, and Radiator Hospital for one very exciting 7″ single. Rather than sticking to any verse/chorus structure, Krill’s song takes the form of one continuously twisting and turning string of melodies and hooks. Meanwhile lead singer Jonah Furman recites both sides of a conversation that begins with a misunderstanding and grows into something somber. It’s the sound of what was already one of the best new bands of last year growing even better. Listen.