Du Blonde – “Mind Is On My Mind” (Feat. Samuel T. Herring)

By Tom Breihan / 11:21 am
If you can get Future Islands front-growler Samuel T. Herring to sing on your record, you should absolutely do that. Lately, people seem to be figuring that out. A few weeks ago, Herring showed up alongside Earl Sweatshirt to sing the hook on Gangrene's "Play It Cool." Now, Herring has teamed up with Du… More »

Nocturnal Sunshine – “Take Me There” Video

By Caitlin White / 11:15 am
Maya Jane Coles has been quietly ruling the international electronic underground music scene for years now, steadily building a following and biding her time. Since Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne's radio-dominating hit "Truffle Butter" sampled Coles' "What They Say," what better time for her to focus on building a stateside reputation? Donning the… More »

Stream Fred Thomas All Are Saved (Stereogum Premiere)

By James Rettig / 11:08 am
Listening to Fred Thomas' All Are Saved often feels like traveling down the path of most resistance. Thoughts are thought and instantly contradicted, revelations made and then backtracked -- it's a beautiful mess of ideas and doubts, bold declarations and crippling neuroses. There is no easy way out, there are no simple answers. It i… More »

Stream Shlohmo Dark Red

By Tom Breihan / 10:51 am
The L.A. bass-music producer Shlohmo makes gooey, melodic music that slinks and throbs in some darkly compelling ways. Last year, he teamed up with the great R&B singer Jeremih for the enjoyable-as-hell No More EP. Next week, he'll release his new solo instrumental album Dark Red. We've posted the early tracks "Emerge FromMore »

Inheaven – “Regeneration” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

By Caitlin White / 10:41 am
"Regeneration" is the first thing we've heard from the South East London band Inheaven, and the song itself contains just about all we know about them. It's a toss-up between delicately-spun female vocals, brash, zealous guitar noise and a half-shout of a chorus that wails against aging, generations (saw that one coming, right?) and… More »

Led Zeppelin – “Brandy & Coke (Trampled Under Foot)” Interactive Video

By Caitlin White / 10:41 am
Led Zeppelin are in the midst of a massive reissue project, and that means we're probably going to be getting all sorts of unearthed rarities and early versions of tracks. "Brandy & Coke" is just that -- an early version of "Trampled Under Foot" that they band shared on their website back… More »

Upset – ’76 EP (Stereogum Premiere)

By Caitlin White / 10:38 am
Upset is something of a supergroup at this point. Previously, vocalist/guitarist Ali Koehler played drums in Vivian Girls and Best Coast, and Upset's current drummer, Patty Schemel, was formerly Hole's percussionist. Bass player Rachel Gagliardi is also in Slutever, and guitarist Lauren Freeman is a member of Long Beach pop punk garage outfit Benny The… More »

Jaga Jazzist – “Starfire”

By Tom Breihan / 10:21 am
The long-running, skronked out Norwegian jazz octet Jaga Jazzist is coming back later this year with a new album called Starfire. More of a studio-driven work than their last couple of records, the new album was inspired by primary songwriter Lars Horntveth's move from Oslo to L.A. Flying Lotus recently debuted the rippling, fluttering nine-minute… More »

Georgia – “Move Systems” Video

By Aaron Lindenberg / 10:19 am
When fiery emcee Georgia insists, "Ain't no one gonna tell us that we ain't going to move systems," it's unclear whether she's talking about political upheaval or a worldwide dance-off. The young Brit's first single "Move Systems" exudes rebellion from start to finish, showcasing her confrontational flow over nonstop click-clacking drums and grimy synth bass. More »

Stream The Go! Team Between The Scene Between

By Patrick Hosken / 10:13 am
The latest Go! Team album, The Scene Between, is a gorgeous melange of chiming samples and propulsive instrumentation. Songwriter Ian Parton stitches together non-sequitur sounds seamlessly, and the results are enough to make your knees shaky -- look no further than the blown-out carnival fun of "Blowtorch" and the spiraling, foreign spice-market rush… More »

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