Beyond any debate about the word feminism, Annie Lennox’s recent comments about Beyoncé illustrate something: It’s a really, really bad idea for anyone remotely famous to say anything bad about Beyoncé. It will always blow up in your face. People are not ready to read a single bad word about that lady.

In 2013, the British melodic death metal/grindcore band Carcass released Surgical Steel; it was one of the best albums of the year, both metal and otherwise. Next month, Carcass will release an EP called Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel, featuring five songs recorded during the Surgical Steel sessions that were not included on the original release. Among those songs is “Livestock Marketplace,” which the band has premiered today, with a lyric video. And you can check out that song/video below. Do it!

Converse has a history of getting bands to design custom sneakers, from Metallica to Big Boi to Pink Floyd (check out our official band sneaker guide for way more). Now, Trash Talk are getting their own official Converse design, and the kicks are inspired by the LP released by the band earlier this year, No Peace. Check out Converse’s description of the shoes below, and get a look at them in the gallery above.

If you’ve been hearing a distant rumble, or noticing animals getting agitated, or perhaps seeing weather patterns doing strange things, you are right to be alarmed. We are five days away from Tayor Swift releasing her new album 1989 and dominating popular music for the foreseeable future. Taylor has already unleashed three songs, in their terrible glory, upon us. Grown men tremble at the whisper of their names: “Shake It Off,” “Out Of The Woods,” “Welcome To New York.” The fourth horseman of the apocalypse could arrive in the form of a new Swift song called “Style.” 30 seconds of it appear in a new Target ad. It sounds pretty catchy, I guess? It’s hard to tell from 30 seconds. Behold:

Shy Glizzy is a Washington, D.C. rapper who’s built a serious underground following over the past few years and whose Law 2 tape earned Mixtape Of The Week honors last year. Glizzy’s “Awwsome,” a track from his Young Jefe mixtape, is an underground hit that’s been bubbling for a while, and now a couple of stars have jumped on it. The new “Awwsome” remix has 2 Chainz and A$AP Rocky blending in beautifully with the sinister glint of the beat and saying nice things about Glizzy’s hometown. Listen below.

Alt-pop group HAERTS are set to release their self-titled debut album next week. The LP follows their well-received Hemipligia EP. In anticipation of the full-length, the band has made two new songs available: the kicky, retro “No One Needs To Know” and the more guitar-focused “Be The One.” The latter track conveys a deeper emotional depth via Nini Fabi’s soaring vocals, which float atop the synths and drums to establish a lush complexity. Listen to “No One Needs To Know” below, and go here to check out “Be The One.”

Earlier this year, A-Trak and Virginia rap producer Lex Luger teamed up to form Low Pros, a duo whose music fuses both definitions of the term “trap music.” On “100 Bottles,” they teamed up with Travi$ Scott, a young Houston rapper and producer who’s all unstable energy and thus perfect for a sound like theirs. In the track’s new video, Scott (or a broken-down robot version of him, anyway) wanders a glitched-out CGI vision of a futuristic Japanese metropolis. It’s all very Lawnmower Man. There’s a quick glimpse of some decidedly inorganic boobs, so proceed with caution. Nate Brown and Gustavo Torres direct. Watch it below.

A few months ago the world learned that the entire nation of China plays Kenny G’s “Going Home” at the end of the day, every day. It’s a national pastime of sorts. But now Mr. G (born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick) has gone and jeopardized his position of honor. As ABC News points out, during a tour of China, Gorelick stopped by a pro-democracy Occupy Hong Kong protest to show his support. He even tweeted a photo from the protest site voicing his support: