Kate Pierson – “Guitars And Microphones” Video

By Aaron Lindenberg / March 2, 2015
After nearly 40 years with the B-52s, Kate Pierson has proven the band's seemingly eternal significance with a feisty solo debut, Guitars & Microphones. The album was executive produced by Sia, with production work from Ima Robot’s Tim Anderson and the Strokes’ Nick Valensi on guitar, making for a beefed up take on the group'… More »

Watch Lykke Li Model A Fancy Handbag In A New Video For Gucci

By Caitlin White / March 2, 2015
Lykke Li's 2014 album I Never Learn was a dreamy, post-apocalyptic take on a relationship that didn't just break but shattered into a million pieces. Despite the harrowing undercurrent of sadness, some of the songs are ambiguous enough to be applied to brands, so Gucci decided to create a short video for "Just Like… More »

Curren$y – “Alert” (Feat. Styles P)

By Tom Breihan / March 2, 2015
New Orleans weed-rapper Curren$y is almost alarmingly consistent; he cranks out effortless, listenable mixtapes so frequently that it's hard to be excited about them anymore. Curren$y really fell into his lane when he linked up with veteran rap producer Ski Beatz and made 2010's great Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk 2 albums. So it's cool… More »

Vetiver – “Loose Ends” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Peter Helman / March 2, 2015
Vetiver have been around for what feels like forever in today's fast-paced indie world, putting out solid LP after solid LP of easygoing folk-rock since the halcyon days of so-called "freak folk." But despite this longevity, they've never really dominated the conversation or the spotlight, perhaps by design -- Andy Cabic seems like the… More »

The Helio Sequence – “Stoic Resemblance” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Chris DeVille / March 2, 2015
We've reached the point where if I can remember your band playing a basement show when I was in college, you've officially achieved veteran status. So it goes with the Helio Sequence, the longstanding experimental indie-rock duo who return today with news of their first album since 2012 for longtime label home Sub Pop. It… More »

Ava Luna – “Coat Of Shellac”

By Tom Breihan / March 2, 2015
Skittery Brooklyn art-poppers Ava Luna released Electric Balloon their last album, just a year ago, and they've already announced plans for the follow-up LP Infinite House. The band recorded the album in Mississippi and in the Brooklyn DIY venue Silent Barn, and they got Dave Fridmann to mix it. We've posted first single "Billz,"… More »

Westkust – “Swirl” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Gabriela Tully Claymore / March 2, 2015
In early February, we named Makthaverskan's single "Witness" one of the 5 Best Songs of the week, and commented on the Swedish band's ability to craft a kind of effortlessly epic sound that towers over you, refusing to be ignored. Makthaverskan's overpowering gloom is the kind of sound that you have to resig… More »

Watch Glen Hansard Cover Songs: Ohia’s “Hold On Magnolia” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Chris DeVille / March 2, 2015
"Hold On Magnolia" is the soul-decimating conclusion to Songs: Ohia's Magnolia Electric Company, the late Jason Molina's masterpiece of graceful desperation. It's one of those songs that absolutely flattens you with sadness, an all-time classic in the storied history of weeping country-western laments. So I'm immensely satisfied that Glen Hansard chose to cover it… More »

The Holydrug Couple – “Dreamy” (Stereogum Premiere)

By Patrick Hosken / March 2, 2015
In 2013, Chilean psych-rockers the Holydrug Couple put out the swirling, spaced-out LP Noctuary on Sacred Bones. Gabriela once wrote that Sacred Bones artists sound like they're always "hanging out together in some dark cave," and she's right. But if the Holydrug Couple are huddled in that deep cavern, they're the… More »

Stream Dick Diver Melbourne, Florida (Stereogum Premiere)

By Caitlin White / March 2, 2015
Dick Diver is one of the most jarring names I've encountered for a band, and I almost let it stop me from listening to their album. It seemed like a fratty, lewd, tongue-in-cheek joke designed to get a guffaw, not the moniker of a carefree dream-rock quartet from Australia. But it turns out Dick Diver… More »

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