Earlier this year Wild Beasts released their very good fourth album Present Tense. We recently saw the music video for its “A Simple Beautiful Truth,” and now that’s been given a smooth remix by producer Lone. It’s good timing because Lone is getting ready to drop a new album, which sounds promising based on “2 Is 8.” This remix will appear on an upcoming Wild Beasts remixes EP. Listen below.

After experimental pop band People Get Ready put out the Zelda Maria EP last year they began work on their second album which we now know is titled Physiques. They snagged Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier as producer; invited guest musicians from bands including Here We Go Magic, Matthew Dear, and Hospitality; and added a new member with Booker Stardrum, who also drums in our recent Band To Watch Cloud Becomes Your Hand. It’s quite the group of musicians, and from the sound of their newly released title track it all has gelled just right. “Physiques” is a total jam that tumbles from one melody to the next, with strange percussion and different vocals popping in from every direction. Listen to it below.

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic dropped yesterday, and Azalea stopped by New York radio station Hot 97 for an especially explicit interview. You might expect this sort of thing to stay light and fluffy, but right out of the gate, the subject of sexual assault came up. “I had to stop [crowdsurfing]…” Azalea said. “I’m only doing like 2000-seaters, but I still have to have barriers even if it’s like 200 people because people try to finger me.” She also mentioned that she wears two pairs of underwear plus tights on stage now for protection, and that she’s faced assault from women especially. “Girls will try to do it more than guys ’cause girls think it’s cool, like, ’We both got vaginas, it’s fine.’ Doesn’t make it OK.” Definitely not OK.

When Eric Wareheim gets the time out of his busy schedule to direct a music video it’s always worth your time. His Major Lazer and Beach House videos were two of the very best of last year. But while those videos were silly-weird and beautifully-weird respectively, this new Tobacco clip is terrifying-weird. Beginning as a late night infomercial for a family-run massage parlor, it quickly takes you on a first person tour through hell that plays out almost like a creepy amusement part ride as the various masked (and naked) family members lurch toward you like horny zombies. Filmed with a Texas Chainsaw-style graininess it’s really creepy, but it’s a good fit for “Streaker” (which finds Tobacco at his most abrasive and strange, which is really saying something) and you can’t take your eyes off it. Watch it below, but be warned that it’s NSFW.

The Gainesville, Florida punks Frameworks play an intensely sincere heart-on-sleeve sort of post-hardcore. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to lump the band in with the current emo revival, but there’s precious little pop-punk in their sound. Instead, the band’s debut album Loom, recorded with Deafheaven producer Jack Shirley, is the sort of throat-lump attack that should sound pretty great to anyone who ever got attached to, say, Thursday’s Full Collapse. We’ve already posted the early track “Loom,” and now you can stream the full album below.

Feels kinda sacrilegious to be talking about Coldplay right in the middle of Britpop Week, as they Purple Wedding-ed the whole thing some 15 years ago, but hey, we contain multitudes. We’ve already heard a bunch of music from Coldplay’s forthcoming LP, Ghost Stories, which is out next month, and for the most part, those songs have been really good, because, let’s admit it, Coldplay are actually a really good band. Today, they premiered another new track: “Oceans,” which they debuted during a live session on BBC Radio 1. “Oceans” is a muted, ethereal thing, and while the studio version may not be quite so sparse, I hope it is, because as-is, this is very good. Watch/listen.

On Record Store Day this past weekend, Bruce Springsteen released American Beauty, a new four-song EP on which he played almost every instrument. (We posted the early track “Hurry Up Sundown.”) Springsteen and his E Street Band were playing a show in Charlotte on the night of Record Store Day, and before the show started, they shot a quick-and-dirty live video for the EP’s title track. The video won’t change your life or anything, but Springsteen’s sheer industry, his drive to continue doing stuff, is a thing to be admired. Check out the video below.

Last weekend we learned that hip-hop phenom Chance The Rapper had been hospitalized after falling ill and thus was unable to repeat his triumphant set from Coachella’s first weekend during the festival’s second iteration. Last night Chance’s Twitter posted a letter from his manager detailing the circumstances of the illness and the prognosis. In short, a 104-degree fever and tonsillitis left Chance in a Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital bed unable to speak. His performances this week have been canceled as well, and he may face surgery to correct the throat problems. Read the letter below.