Canada recently began its annual seal hunt, drawing the passionate ire of many, many animal-rights types, including, unsurprisingly, Morrissey. In one of his characteristic inflammatory online posts, Moz took special aim at Canada’s federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea: “If she considers such butchery to be so ’humane,’ why doesn’t she place herself among the tens of thousands of grey-coated harp seals that will be slaughtered within the next few weeks. She could then test the humane aspect of having her head blown off for herself.” Shea, perhaps not realizing that it’s impossible to get into a public debate with Morrissey and win, clapped back, via a spokesperson named Sophie Doucet: “This is clearly just another case of a millionaire celebrity, desperate for a hobby, shamelessly regurgitating misinformation and myths that fringe animal-rights groups have been pushing for years.” Obviously, nobody would expect Morrissey to shrug at this and move onto something else. He was always going to respond. And now, he has responded. Here’s what he says:

I don’t know if you’ve ever talked to a middle-aged Midwestern indie rocker about the Replacements, but it’s like walking into a Pentecostal church and asking people there how they feel about Jesus. The Replacements — or two of them, anyway — reunited for last year’s Riot Fests, and they’ve played a handful of festivals since then, including the two Coachella weekends. But they’ve just announced their first proper non-festival headlining gig, and it’s back in their Twin Cities home. The band will come to St. Paul, Minnesota’s Midway Stadium 9/13. That’s the home of AA baseball’s St. Paul Saints, and it’s pretty badass that the Replacements can now headline a baseball stadium, even if it’s not exactly a major-league stadium. This will be the band’s first headlining show in 23 years. And whatever you feel about the whole reunion-industrial complex, it’s fun to imagine the heroes’ welcome the ’Mats will inevitably get at this show.

Arcade Fire have been pretty grumpy about dance music lately, which has led to the extremely popular DJ Deadmau5 lashing out on Twitter. This seems to be a response to something started a few weeks ago during the Arcade Fire’s headlining set at the first week of Coachella, when Win Butler shouted out “to all the bands playing instruments this weekend.” The next weekend, the band featured what seemed like a guest appearance by Daft Punk, but who were in fact impersonators playing a mangled and mockingly bad version of “Get Lucky.” Deadmau5 took to Twitter, asking the band, “dafuqs yer problem?” It’s easy to argue that Arcade Fire were being dicks with the Coachella business, although it’s worth pointing out that Deadmau5 doesn’t seem totally on-base asking, “Do you even score bro?” to a band whose members who were nominated for a “Best Score” Oscar. Still he makes a pretty good point here in a good-humored way (finishing it off with that Richard Kiel scene from Happy Gilmour was great) and you can read all of the tweets below and weigh in in the comments.

For anyone else who may have been wondering lately, “What the heck happened to Fleet Foxes?” we’ve got an answer for you. In an udpdate on the band’s Facebook page today, frontman Robin Pecknold explained to fans that he actually moved to New York a while back and enrolled at Columbia University as an undergrad. He also explains that he has been working on new music and that he’s excited for what comes next. Read the entire post below.

DJ Sprinkles, aka Terre Thaemlitz, had been DJing since the ’90s, but waited until late 2008 to finally release her first official album. That album, Midtown 120 Blues, wasn’t really noticed until 2009, but by the end of that year, it had left a massive impact on those who had heard it. In less than 12 months it cemented itself as one of the greatest electronic albums of the decade, and it’s not hard to hear why. Over nearly 80 minutes, Sprinkles examined deep house with an unprecedented vision and unflinching honesty, crafting a political statement that nonetheless won followers at clubs. Her few spoken monologues spread throughout the album revealed the brutal and painful history of house music and its ties with the transgender and gay communities, while simultaneously showing its transformative and transcendent power through some of the best deep house productions ever recorded. With every year that has passed since, Midtown 120 Blues has been reverently spread to a wider audience, despite having been out of print for some time. But now it will receive a much-deserved reissue treatment.

A-Track and Armand Van Helden of Duck Sauce inject their sense of humor into their entire collaboration, and the duo’s new infomercial-inspired video for “NRG” is no exception. While the group’s dance track plays, an infomercial (starring Jon Daly from Kroll Show/Red Hot Chili Peppers) demonstrates the many uses for a fake “Everything Gel” product. Surely some insane entrepreneur is already preparing such a product/infomercial to go to market right now, no? Watch below.

Considering the amount of love and affection that’s been showered on Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett for the past few months, it seems kind of insane that her excellent debut, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, is only now getting a proper physical release here in the States. The record (if you haven’t managed to hear it already) is a 12-song exercise in masterly exposition — a bunch of story-songs that run the gamut from detailing a panic attack while gardening to masturbatory confessionals, all tossed off with the kind of casual aplomb that would be annoying if the songs themselves weren’t so insanely catchy. I called up Barnett at home in Melbourne just as she was about pack her bags and fly out to California with her band to play Coachella. We talked about her new/old record, and what she plans on doing next.

Since we’re already running a big Oasis sweepstakes for Britpop Week we just had to have one for the other titan and rival of the genre. Plus, it wouldn’t be a proper Britpop Week if we didn’t include tea somehow. The official Blur Britannia Tea Set we’re giving away retails for $107 and includes a collectors box, tea pot, two tea cups, and two saucers. Just like Damon Albarn has at home, probably. Instructions for entering this giveaway are below, underneath some step-by-step Wikipedia instructions on how serve tea in the British style.