Soul legend Aretha Franklin has got herself into a bit of an embarrassing mess. Franklin is suing satirical news site the News Nerd for $10 million because of a story they ran about a fictional brawl between Franklin and fellow soul songstress Patti LaBelle.

Honest, the much-anticipated new album from Future, started streaming online a couple of days ago, but that stream had a couple of big omissions. “Never Satisfied,” Future’s Drake collab, is on the stream, but it’s only an abridged version of the song. And more frustratingly, “Benz Friends (Watchuola),” Future’s track with the mercurial OutKast enigma AndrĂ© 3000, was not on the stream at all. Future did perform it with OutKast at Coachella last weekend, so we knew for sure that it existed. And today, the track finally made its way to the internet, and on first listen, it sounds awesome. Check it out below.

This week we heard Lykke Li’s new single, “Gunshot,” which, as Tom pointed out, is a hell of a power ballad. Now you can hear the Swedish singer perform it in an entirely different way. H&M has produced a video featuring an acoustic version of the song. All the grand instrumentation of the original is retained, though, so it makes for a pretty thrilling video. Watch below.

As a rap crew, the Wu-Tang Clan has always been a notoriously chaotic and fractured entity, and no Wu-Tang member has been quicker to criticize crew mastermind RZA than Raekwon. When Wu-Tang released their last studio effort, 2007′s deeply underrated and commercially disappointing 8 Diagrams, Rae was the first person in the group to call out RZA’s psych-rap weirdo decision-making. In the meantime, RZA has gone public with how difficult it’s been to put together the new group album A Better Tomorrow, singling out Rae for being unwilling to contribute. And now Rae says that he’s going “on strike” from the group.

Vivian Girls breathed their last breath earlier this year, and now former Vivs bassist/vocalist Katy Goodman, once known to the world as Kickball Katy, is soldiering on with her La Sera solo project and getting ready to release the new album Hour Of The Dawn. We’ve already shared first single “Losing To The Dark,” and now Goodman has given us another one, the sprightly and welcoming “Running Wild.” It’s a fun song, and you can download it below.

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet aka no-really-he’s-not-Burial just blessed us with two new tracks under his Percussions alias yesterday, and now he’s given us a third. Just over an hour ago Hebden tweeted a link to “Sext,” maybe the finest of the three excursions into experimental four-on-the-floor thump. I could actually imagine provocative SMS messages sounding like this while traveling through circuits, getting ready to digitally titillate whoever’s on the other end. Listen below and be titillated yourself.

Each year, music festival Hopscotch has grown bigger and better. Spread out across various dive bars, elegant theaters, and art spaces in Raleigh, NC, you can find whatever you want among the well-curated blend of hip-hop, rock, metal, and experimental music. They’ve just announced the lineup for the 2014 festival, which will be held from 9/4 – 9/6. This year’s biggest acts are Spoon, Mastodon, St. Vincent, and Sun Kil Moon, but look a little lower on the bill and there’s just as exciting stuff.

Pharrell is still having a moment. And while his mug (and his hat) seems to be everywhere these days, in Major Lazer’s new video for “Aerosol Can” we hear Pharrell, but instead of seeing his age-defying face, we get to watch graffiti and tattoo legend Mike Giant tag up a white room with Pharrell’s lyrics.