Cut Copy gave us the deeply likable dance-rock odyssey Free Your Mind last year, and they’ll follow it up this Saturday with a new Record Store Day 10″ single that features two new songs. We’ve already heard one of those songs, the twinkly but bottom-heavy “In These Arms Of Love.” And now they’ve shared the B-side, “Like Any Other Day.” The song is not really like any other Cut Copy song; it’s built on an acoustic strum, and it’s full of blown-out psychedelic effects; you could almost call it the group’s take on the old Mercury Rev sound. Listen to it below.

One of the best songs off Eagulls’ very nice self-titled debut was the shoegaze punk of “Possessed.” The band stopped by Jools Holland to perform it this week, and now the video is available online. Watch it below.

The just-released title track off Matthewdavid’s upcoming In My World begins appropriately with disorienting vinyl scratches. It quickly falls into a smooth soul groove, but always stays slightly off. The hazy R&B definitely sounds off-balance, but that’s the state in which the producer sounds his strongest. Listen to it below.

We recently heard glossy dance-rock trio Little Daylight remixing Sky Ferreira; now here’s Future Islands remixing Little Daylight. “Overdose,” premiered here last year, originally sounded like a female-fronted answer to the Passion Pits and MGMTs of the world. It’s still in that ballpark, but Future Islands have turned a clean, crisp single into something woozier and hazier, as if the heat of summer festival season was having its way with it. Overdose on it below (but stay safe out there, kids).

The Grizzly Bear member and occasional solo artist Daniel Rossen just wrapped his first-ever solo acoustic tour, and he started every show on the tour with an untitled new song that has plenty of that mysterious Grizzly Bear grace. Earlier this month, Rossen played Atlanta’s Terminal West, and someone there took video of the entire hour-long set and posted it on YouTube. Rossen also played the new song in an in-studio session for KEXP, so we have some good audio of it. Below, watch that whole Atlanta show and check out the KEXP performance.

Devon Williams has been crafting lush pop music for years, and soon he’ll release the new album Gilding The Lily. The album’s first single, “Flowers,” has an appropriate title, considering how much it sounds like springtime. Over delicate but purposeful drum rolls, fast-strummed guitars blow through like a cool ocean breeze. The dazzling production comes courtesy of Jorge Elbrecht. After coming off his incredible work with Ariel Pink last year. Elbrecht is racking up production credits, and between this and his recent knockout with Dinowalrus, 2014 is looking to be his year. But this song is Williams’ through and through, his sweet sighing voice laying comfortably into the languid sound. Listen to it below and check out a trailer for the full album.

Courtney Love started her own YouTube channel earlier this year, and it was only a matter of time before she got out of pocket with it. Last week, she watched Bruce Springsteen induct his E Street Band into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and yesterday, she posted a video where she had a few things to say about him. In her video, Love had a few nice things to say about Springsteen and a few not-so-nice things, and the most notable of the not-so-nice things was this: “My Springsteen problem is just that saxophones don’t belong in rock and roll. They just don’t belong.” The video then cut to an image of Clarence Clemons, who, of course, died three years ago. Love eventually realized how insensitive this was, or maybe someone told her; she’s already deleted the video.

Psychedelic British chameleons the Horrors are about to return with Luminous, their first album in four years, and now they’ve made a video for “So Now You Know,” which follows the expansive “I See You” as the second album track they’ve shared. The video depicts a group of suspiciously photogenic misfit kids who have some sort of mystical experience in an American desert town. The video can’t make any claims to realism — I don’t know if you’ve spent any time in the desert, but the teenagers who live there do not look like that — but it’s a powerful aesthetic experience nonetheless. Some of the prolonged helicopter shots in there will just take your breath away. Watch it below.