In the early 2000s, Jack White was in the Upholsterers, a short-lived project with fellow Detroit musician and drummer Brian Muldoon (of the Muldoons). The duo pressed 100 copies of their second single, “Your Furniture Was Always Dead … I Was Just Afraid To Tell You,” and then hid them in furniture being reupholstered by Muldoon at the business he worked at. White and Muldoon hid these singles ten years ago, in 2004, and apparently two people have only now reported finding them. Third Man Records shared the album cover art, designed by the Detroit-based artist Gordon Newton. There’s no word yet on whether or not these singles will be re-pressed for purchase, but you should probably start tearing into your old furniture now.

If you ever notice that Adult Swim has something listed only as “infomercial” airing around 4AM, there’s a strong chance you should stay up and tune in, just to see what happens. That’s how the network first aired Too Many Cooks, the incredibly bizarre satirical hallucination that recently went viral. And now the network has also used the same method to air a vaguely terrifying 10-minute short film called Unedited Footage Of A Bear. Frequent Dan Deacon collaborator Alan Resnick directed the video, which I am not going to describe at all. Deacon himself wrote the freak-you-the-fuck-out score and it features a song from Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. Deacon also appears briefly, as does Matmos member M.C. Schmidt. Watch it below.

The Julie Ruin released their debut album, Run Fast, in September 2013, marking the welcome return of Kathleen Hanna, who had been on a musical hiatus for health reasons. Hanna’s struggle to re-emerge as a musician after suffering from undiagnosed Lyme Disease is well-documented in last year’s documentary The Punk Singer, directed by Sini Anderson. The Run Fast B-Side “Blueberry Island” was featured in The Punk Singer, and will now be released on a 7″ put out by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek on his label Federal Prism. The reverse side of the 7″ features a YACHT remix of the Run Fast track “Right Home.” Federal Prism will be opening up an online pop-up shop for 60 days, selling unique merchandise and recordings from a hodgepodge collection of artists (Thelonius Monk, Frankie Rose, and Johnny Cash, to name a few). I remember seeing The Punk Singer with my mom around this time last year, and I do remember hearing “Blueberry Island,” with its choral hook, “Have you seen her? Mary Christina?” and thinking, “Damn, why didn’t they put this one on the album?” Listen below.

Last week, in the wake of the recent killer-cop fiascoes, New York governor Andrew Cuomo met with Jay Z to talk about criminal justice reform. Since then, conservative talking-head goobers like Sean Hannity have jumped on the meeting, bringing up Jay’s criminal past as if this would somehow invalidate the things he has to say about the criminal justice system. Fortunately, The Daily Show, a show that practically exists to shit all over Fox News at this point, is on the case. The extremely likable Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams called out all the reasons why Jay is the last black man who Fox should be going after. Watch the segment below.

Ryan Adams’ obsession with comic books is well documented, but not until this week did he reveal that he’s creating his own. Adams appeared on Marvel’s This Week In Marvel podcast this week, and as Consequence Of Sound points out, the singer-songwriter confirmed what his Twitter followers might have already discerned: He’s writing and illustrating his own series of books during his downtime on tour. The plan is to release each book with its own original soundtrack, also written and recorded by Adams and friends. Here’s the news straight from Adams’ mouth:

Daniel Lopatin, the Brooklyn synth wizard who makes queasy music as Oneohtrix Point Never this year, has been uncharacteristically quiet this year. Today, though, he’s dropped two new tracks on us out of the blue. One is “Rush,” an uneasy, irregular, lurching number from the same sessions that gave us Lopatin’s 2013 album R Plus 7. The other is “Bubs,” a track that Lopatin made with A. G. Cook, the mysterious mastermind behind the frantic mutant-pop label PC Music. It’s a jittery piece that seems to zip off in about 14 different directions at once. You can stream or download both tracks below.

British art-rockers Wild Beasts’ “Wanderlust” single is almost a year old now, but today we get to hear it in a completely different way. Thanks to reasons that have something to do with Phillips, a camera crew recently recorded the band playing an extended version of the song at London’s Royal Festival Hall, with Hayden Thorpe playing the venue’s pipe organ. This is a 7,866-pipe instrument that cost millions to build in 1966. Hearing the song with that organ on YouTube can’t be the same as hearing it when you’re in the room, but it’s still pretty impressive. Check out the video below.

Up until recently, it had been a while since we’d heard from the fuzz-addled London punk trio Male Bonding. Two of the band’s members had kept busy releasing some great singles with their Primitive Parts side project, and that was enough to make me wonder whether Male Bonding were winding down. But now Male Bonding are once again up to things. Last week, Male Bonding dropped a context-free new song called “A Kick To The Face.” Today, they’ve got another one, a bleary sprint called “Falling.” It is decidedly not a HAIM cover. Give it a listen below.