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Before I get into this Fiend tape, I want to spent a minute talking about Gucci Mane. This past week, Gucci released two new mixtapes on the same day, Trap Back 2 and EastAtlantaMemphis, the latter a…   Read Story »
Iron Chef came out a couple of weeks ago, and it hasn't appeared in this column yet because I was initially drawn to a couple of more immediate tapes: DJ Paul's bleary-eyed hardhead marathon For I…   Read Story »
Here's a combination I didn't see coming: Veteran New Orleans rap drawler Fiend, who released three of my favorite mixtapes last year, giving a lo-fi freestyle over Washed Out's indelible chillwave…   Read Story »
This is worth mentioning up front: New Orleans rapper Fiend and DJ/producer Don Cannon almost certainly mean nothing with the Mad Men-biting cover art for the new mixtape Smokin' Champagne. More than…   Read Story »
Hi, readers of Stereogum! My name is Tom Breihan, and I'm the older of the two new guys around here. A few internet eons ago, I wrote the Status Ain't Hood blog for the Village Voice. For the past…   Read Story »