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Over the past few years, Rookie has become a pillar of feminist discussion on the internet so it makes sense they would be the ones to create a "feminist 'We Are The World'" anthem to start off the…   Read Story »
We've previously heard "Let Go," the Kele- and MNDR-assisted disco-pop delight from RAC and seen its video. It's a wonderful single, and now we're getting even more of it -- RACs on RACs on RACs, if…   Read Story »
RAC, or Remix Artists Collective, has come a long way since we first came across him (and got him to make a mix for us) over half a decade ago. Just look at the stylish video for "Let Go," a track…   Read Story »
RAC is known for the wide sweep across the remixiverse they've been making since 2007 (including a series of Stereogum compilations), but every once in a while there is some original material thrown…   Read Story »
Last time down the official video track, MNDR's Amanda Warner substituted Drag Race star Raven for herself in a very real, very closeup, cabaret club treatment. This time through in the John…   Read Story »
Canadian pop-rock stars Metric already have themselves an effervescent synthpop hit with "Breathing Underwater," and now downtown dance-popper MNDR has remixed the track, amping up its fleet-footed,…   Read Story »
Last night, downtown future-popper MNDR was David Letterman's musical guest. She brought a full string quintet along with her, as well as a percussionist and an electronic-gizmologist. Tom Cruise,…   Read Story »
If you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, you'll recognize the queen getting gussied up then taking the stage to perform MNDR's yearning "Feed Me Diamonds" as Raven. And if not, then meet Raven! She's on…   Read Story »
The latest single from MNDR's forthcoming Feed Me Diamonds is the throbbing title track, a song MNDR figurehead Amanda Warner says is directly influenced by performance artist Marina Abramovic.…   Read Story »
We recently caught up with MNDR's Amanda Warner to talk about her debut LP, Feed Me Diamonds, in which she chronicled the long process of making the album. Here's Warner: I wanted something that…   Read Story »