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Right now, our busiest comments section is a heated debate over whether a white lady is racist for dancing with black men in her music video and then being defensive about it. That is how indie rock,…   Read Story »
Hardcore supergroup OFF! recently put out their new album Wasted Years, and now share a goofy video for "Red White And Black." In it, comedians Dave Foley and Brian Posehn play two inept fascist…   Read Story »
These guys have come a long way. The members of hardcore supergroup OFF! spent their youths bashing out quick bursts rabid guitar aggression in some of the nation's dingiest basements and VFW halls,…   Read Story »
This was one of those weeks where the best music-related video wasn't a music video. It was Future Islands performing on Letterman and just fucking going for it. Letterman has already introduced…   Read Story »
OFF! is a band of grizzled, aging punk veterans who now pay the rent by bashing out early-'80s-style trashcan hardcore. And their new video for the single "Hypnotized" features two fellow members of…   Read Story »
Hardcore supergroup OFF! has just released another song from the upcoming Wasted Years, and like "Void You Out" before it, it's super indeed. "Hypnotized" rages with an urgency worthy of the members'…   Read Story »
After a year of weird tension concerning FLAG and Black Flag last year, it's nice to have Keith Morris going back to his supergroup Off! with the upcoming album Wasted Years. Listen to the band's…   Read Story »
Everyone knows that one of the very best parts of Grand Theft Auto is the amount of care and effort they put into designing the radio stations, and that's part of why GTA V is so exciting. There's…   Read Story »
I spent a pretty good chunk of the week in transit to or from New York, or doing New York things while I was in New York, so I didn't see a lot of this weeks' videos before the massive video-watching…   Read Story »
L.A. trad-punkers OFF! have released a handful of funny, weird videos for songs that are shorter than most radio jingles. ("Cracked" clocks in at 1:27; "Borrow And Bomb" and "I Got News For You" are…   Read Story »