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We're almost (almost!) done reflecting on the year that was, so it's time to start taking a closer look at the year that will be. For the past several years, we've ranked our most anticipated albums.…   Read Story »
Last year, the crushing New York trio Tombs released Path Of Totality, one of the finest metal albums of the year. Tomorrow, the people at Scion AV will release a whole slew of new metal and…   Read Story »
The early onslaught of year-end best-of lists continues! The great underground metal magazine Decibel has now joined the fray, publishing its list of the 40 best metal (and, I guess, metal-ish)…   Read Story »
Tombs' Path Of Totality topped my list of the Top 26 Metal Albums Of 2011 So Far. I was curious what sort of personal soundtrack went into that muscular, violent, surprisingly delicate and detailed…   Read Story »
Before the quibbling starts: I didn't include YOB's Atma because it isn't out until August. It would be way up there. I've also been listening to Dragged Into Sunlight's Hatred For Mankind quite a…   Read Story »
Brooklyn trio Tombs is a quintessentially New York band, one that couldn't be from anywhere else. The feeling's reminiscent of Swans, the way Gira's sound is married and inextricably linked to the…   Read Story »
Every year I'm tempted to -- and sometimes do -- say "this has been a great year for metal." It's a toss-away idea: If you consume the genre obsessively, every year seems sort of great, the chaff…   Read Story »
It's early, but Tombs' excellent Winter Hours is one of those albums I know will be with me when the calendar's about to shift and it's time for end-of-the-year lists. The Brooklyn trio's Relapse…   Read Story »