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Last month, indie falsetto traveler Active Child attempted to go kinda-pop on his Rapor EP, and it wasn't his best work. Today, after messing around in Ableton and going on a bit of a nostalgia trip,…   Read Story »
Active Child, the expansive art-pop project run by the falsetto-crooning former choirboy Pat Grossi, started out making experimental float-pop and has since moved closer and closer to the…   Read Story »
Pat Grossi, better known as Active Child, posted on Facebook last week that no one would be able to guess the guest feature on his single for the upcoming Rapor EP, "Subtle." It turns out that the…   Read Story »
One of the greatest strengths of Active Child, the art-pop project of L.A.'s Pat Grossi, has always been Grossi's angelic choirboy falsetto. So it's a bit of a surprise to hear a new Active Child…   Read Story »
Remember last month when we made a hand-wringing post about the death of the MP3 and thereby the end of the downloadable Monthly Mix? Well, fuck it -- ZIP FILE BACK. Thank you for your comments and…   Read Story »
On the soundtrack of The Host -- the new Stephanie Meyer magical-teen-romance adaptation, and sadly not the amazing 2006 South Korean monster movie -- L.A.'s Active Child has contributed one of his…   Read Story »
The Los Angeles indie-pop falsetto-wailer Active Child has started off his 2013 in what I'd have to call the right way: By giving us a heart-stoppingly gorgeous new song, a version of the traditional…   Read Story »
"Hanging On," the new video from Californian bedroom-pop singer/producer Active Child, follows two guys fishing in the woods. At the end (spoiler alert), one either dies or loses a hat; I'm not…   Read Story »
Montreal's Michael Silver -- a prolific producer and DJ under his CFCF alias -- reimagines Active Child in this remix of You Are All I See album cut "High Priestess." Grab the MP3 after the…   Read Story »
The hottest ticket in Los Angeles last night was M83's super sold out show at the Music Box in support of their double album opus Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. It was an evening full of soaring…   Read Story »