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So last night the unthinkable happened: Paulvana, Nirmacca, Nicartney -- whatever they're calling themselves (Abomination is taken) -- performed at the 12-12-12 Concert For Sandy Relief at Madison…   Read Story »
Jennifer Lopez hosted and performed even though she doesn't have an album or movie out anytime soon. She was the best part of a "We Are The World" parody, and a small part of the best-in-show Smash…   Read Story »
Dylan's not the only 68-year-old Jew pushing a new XMas LP, but Neil shows his roots by including this Adam Sandler classic. Chanukah starts tonight, but you can watch the animated video right now.…   Read Story »
The most fabulous Roots crew have a new record out soon, and it looks like they're raising awareness by any means necessary: whether that entails collaborating with a Fall Out boy (see "Birthday…   Read Story »
They tried to make her go to rehab, and she ... well, she didn't really say anything this time. The Mirror has a report on Amy's recent treatment center check-in, stating she arrived yesterday at the…   Read Story »