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As you might have heard, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will square off in the Super Bowl this Sunday at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. Bruno Mars and RHCP will be there, (probably) not…   Read Story »
When we first wrote about Alice In Chains' new single "Hollow," the song was paired with a cheap but inventive fan-made Instagram video -- which some viewers erroneously believed to be the track's…   Read Story »
A few months ago, I wrote a retrospective on Alice In Chains' 1992 album, Dirt -- by pretty much any measure the band's masterpiece, and a revealing document of singer Layne Staley's genuine…   Read Story »
By September 29, 1992, the music called "grunge" was no longer the property of any subculture; between Nevermind, Ten, and the Singles soundtrack, Seattle provided the score for American lives across…   Read Story »
Singles was the second movie written and directed by Cameron Crowe. It's an amiable rom-com starring Campbell Scott and Kyra Sedgwick, and some say a great movie, but is most notable because it was…   Read Story »
Ryan and wife have fused their voices on a new song called "Empty Room." It's the first time they've officially collaborated, and it comes via a tour-only 7" backed with what we're gonna call Adams…   Read Story »
This week saw the premiere of Dr. Drew Pinsky's celebreality phenomenon Celebrity Rehab's third season. It is precisely what its title promises: a reality show "documenting" a group of celebrities'…   Read Story »
Yes the full lineup of Temple Of The Dog reunited Tuesday night in L.A. to play "Hunger Strike," and the high-school-you is flashing back to beautiful young EdVed in the tall grass and shitting its…   Read Story »
After a 15 year break between records, AiC have announced plans to hit the studio and make a fourth full-length, and first with Comes With The Fall vocalist William DuVall. Begs the question: If they…   Read Story »
Saturday night in Vegas, the VH1 Rock Honors paid tribute to Ozzy Osbourne, Heart, ZZ Top, and of course our beloved Genesis. The night was notable for its choice of host (Bam Margera? Keeping it…   Read Story »