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Rap Game BFFAEAEAEAE, Baltimore's Spank Rock and Philly rapper Amanda Blank, have released "We Can Go All Nite Long," following a little bit of a mini-hiatus from Blank. This is a filth-fest of a…   Read Story »
How did you celebrate July 4th? On a rooftop BBQ listening to our summer mix? Maybe you stayed in and watched old episodes of Hoarders on Roku? Maybe I stayed in and did that. There is no way to…   Read Story »
As of some time last year Spank Rock has a new Italo disco project called Mobroder. (More specifically the Naeem Juwon half of Spank Rock; producer XXXChange is off and running in many different…   Read Story »
The other day we got a full listen of the new full-length from Amanda Blank, the longtime affiliate of the Diplo/Santigold/Spank Rock Philly crew that's owned the internet since the twin peaks of…   Read Story »
We heard Bangers & Cash/Spank Rock pal Amanda Blank sex-up Romeo Void's "Never Say Never." Hear her sex-up the rest of her I Love You debut at MySpace.   Read Story »
The Voice's annual indie rock fest gave audiophiles the second good reason to visit Coney Island last week, bringing out everyone from Spank Rock to Future Of The Left to Built To Spill on a sunny…   Read Story »
The Spirit Of Apollo, N.A.S.A.'s LP featuring a comically overstuffed grab bag of cameo talent, just keeps on turning out the videos. This would be a much more impressive proposition were the videos…   Read Story »
"Major Lazer is a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984. The US military rescued him and repurposed experimental lazers as prosthetic limbs. Since then Major Lazer has…   Read Story »
Bangers & Cash/Spank Rock associate Amanda Blank chops and sexes up Romeo Void's "Never Say Never" in "Might Like You Better," the first track from her debut I Love You (7/14, Downtown). Hold and get…   Read Story »
It's been a Less-And-Less-Safe-For-Work project, this Bangers & Cash bit, slowly devolving from the initial release of the greasy-bunned album cover through to animated-lady-parts video for "Pu$$y."…   Read Story »