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Earlier this year, we payed close attention to Amen Dunes as frontman Damon McMahon was gearing up to release his third record Love. During the Love recording sessions, McMahon had to do some serious…   Read Story »
Hazy New York psych project Amen Dunes released a new album earlier this year, and have just shared a video for "Lonely Richard," a song that features vocals from Iceage frontman Elias Bender…   Read Story »
With each new single we've heard from Amen Dunes' upcoming album Love, it has become increasingly apparent that Damon McMahon's band is clearing away some of the fog from their lo-fi past. For…   Read Story »
We heard that Amen Dunes spent a lot of time in the studio working on their new album, Love, while bringing in guest artists to help out. From recent singles like "Lonely Richard" and "Lilac In…   Read Story »
Damon McMahon's murky psych group Amen Dunes are getting ready to put out their most worked-over album Love, but that (and the wealth of guest stars) doesn't mean we're dealing with something…   Read Story »
In previous years, Damon McMahon's New York psych-rock crew Amen Dunes have prided themselves in knocking out records quickly and mercilessly. But Love, the new album that the band has just…   Read Story »
Northside registered some memorable moments this year, from Kitty Pryde living the meme at Knitting Factory to a sold out Cameo Lounge for Stereogum's showcase (hat tip to Guards, for winning the…   Read Story »
Here lies our documentation of Thursday in Austin. For more, check our list of 32 Must See Bands this week, and our coverage from Wednesday. (That's Zola Jesus above, by Ryan Muir.) Click on:…   Read Story »
We'll be in Austin in a couple weeks. Nobody likes a lazy non-contributor, so we've teamed up with one of our favorite labels Sacred Bones and one of Austin's greatest institutions Chaos In Tejas to…   Read Story »