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Earlier this week, Swedish singer Anna Von Hausswolf's sophomore LP Ceremony got its North American release. With Kay Kasparhauser opening, Von Hausswolf brought her wistful pop to Brooklyn's…   Read Story »
26-year-old Swedish singer/legit church organist Anna Von Hausswolff was a happy surprise for those of us attending this year's by:Larm festival in Oslo hoping to come home with at least one name to…   Read Story »
When Amrit went to Oslo's by:Larm festival earlier this year, he saw the Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Von Hausswolff and had lots and lots of nice things to say, calling her "a less gothic Zola…   Read Story »
After three years of experiencing non-Nordic winters, Stereogum made a triumphant return to the land of Olso cold and classic, icy, YouTube-able slip-and-falls last week as I made the transatlantic…   Read Story »